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Keymacro is a macro facility that is activated with a defined key combination (default: Alt+M). At a specified time, a window pops up and contains an editor for running macros. Text copied from this window is automatically processed by the user’s macro program. The active macro program can be changed from within the macro editor. The program can be started, stopped or enabled or disabled. Macro files can be included from external files by using a file selector. The selection of a file will result in the content being displayed in the macro editor. Macro files can be saved to the current directory. The macro editor uses syntax highlighting. Keymacro allows you to edit the code in order to create your own macro programs.
KEYMACRO Features:
1) Macro definitions:
You can define your own macros.
2) Macro editor:
The editor is used to edit the code.
3) Keymapping:
The key combination can be changed from within the macro editor.
4) Keybinding:
For each macro, the keyboard shortcut can be set. The macro editor is used to control the macro.
5) External files:
You can select and load macros from external files.
6) Shortcuts:
A shortcut can be defined for each macro.
7) File Save:
The result of your macro editing can be saved to a file.
8) Screen:
This screen is used to view the result of macro execution.
KEYMACRO Requirements:
You need to have a macro language (c, c++,…).
Support for other keyboard languages has to be provided.
Language is supported:
* VBScript
* JScript
* Lua
* Lisp
* LuaJIT
* I-Basic
* GnuBasic
* Lisp
* Lua
* Javascript
* Perl
* Shell
* Erlang
* Ruby
* Python
* Java
* Perl
* JavaScript
* Perl
* R
* Pascal
* SQLite
* Ms-SQL
* Teradata
* Query
* SQLite
* Vim
* Visual Basic
* Perl
* Perl
* Python
* JavaScript
* Java
* R
* Rexx
* Perl
* Java 384a16bd22

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KEY is a read and write key. A read key will let you retrieve values from an accessible record. A write key will let you update a record’s values. The following types of keys exist:
(RECORD) the Record Key (read)
(USER) the User Key (read)
(DATE) the Date Key (read)
(DATETIME) the Date and Time Key (read and write)
(PHONE) the Phone Key (read and write)
(EMAIL) the Email Key (read and write)
(LINK) the Link Key (read and write)
(SUBJECT) the Subject Key (read and write)
(KEY) the Key Key (read and write)
(TEXT) the Text Key (read and write)
(PARAM) the Parameter Key (read and write)
(RECORD_ID) the Record ID Key (read)
(RECORD_TIME) the Record Time Key (read and write)
(RECORD_DATE) the Record Date Key (read and write)
(RECORD_NO) the Record No. Key (read and write)
(RECORD_NAME) the Record Name Key (read and write)
(SCHEDULE) the Schedule Key (read and write)
(GUID) the GUID Key (read and write)
(CONDITION) the Condition Key (read and write)
KEY is not the same as a field, key, or field code. Any of those can be used to retrieve a record’s values. If you use one of those values to read a record, the record is not updated. If you use KEY to read a record, the record is updated.
A typical account is associated with one or more records. The relationship between the account and record is managed in a table in the Record Catalog, as shown in Table 20-2.
TABLE 20-2 Account Record Relationship
Field Name Description
AccountID The Key of the account to which the record is associated.