Xfer.Records.LFOTool.VST.AU.v1.0.0.x86.x64.PC.OSX-AUDiO.L3GiON.rar |WORK|

Xfer.Records.LFOTool.VST.AU.v1.0.0.x86.x64.PC.OSX-AUDiO.L3GiON.rar |WORK|




The website xfer.records.lfotool.vst.au.v1.0.0.osx-audiol3gion.rar contains a 611.1 MB download.Q:

Multiple output channels on Kinect

We are working on an application based on the Kinect. The application will have a display screen and two speakers. The application will require the user to scan a string of numbers and say it over the speakers. We were wondering if it would be possible to use the Kinect speaker to detect the voice activity and play a random output channel over the speakers accordingly. Is this possible?


You could decode the voice from each Kinect microphone to text, and play the text (via a Text-to-Speech service) on each speaker.
If the text is stored in a database, you can link the recorded text to a SQL database record ID and implement a switch statement that picks the best speaker to play a particular text to at any given time.

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