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ESC – Escape key to close
F2 – Paste browser url in this window
F1 – close browser
F3 – Show/hide menu bar
F4 – Show/hide status bar
F5 – Show/hide tool bar
F6 – Show/hide window bar
F7 – Show/hide favorites bar
F8 – Show/hide status bar
F9 – Show/hide bookmark bar
F10 – Show/hide toolbar
F11 – Show/hide tool bar
F12 – Show/hide window bar
F13 – Show/hide favorites bar
F14 – Show/hide status bar
F15 – Show/hide menu bar
F16 – Show/hide status bar
F17 – Toggle the size of the window (if it was big, it gets smaller)
F18 – Toggle the current view (if it was small, it becomes bigger)
F19 – Show/hide tool bar
F20 – Show/hide window bar
F21 – Show/hide favorites bar
F22 – Show/hide status bar
F23 – Show/hide menu bar
F24 – Show/hide status bar
F25 – Show/hide tool bar
F26 – Show/hide window bar
F27 – Show/hide favorites bar
F28 – Show/hide status bar
F29 – Show/hide menu bar
F30 – Show/hide status bar
F31 – Show/hide tool bar
F32 – Show/hide window bar
F33 – Show/hide favorites bar
F34 – Show/hide status bar
F35 – Show/hide menu bar
F36 – Show/hide status bar
F37 – Show/hide tool bar
F38 – Show/hide window bar
F39 – Show/hide favorites bar
F40 – Show/hide status bar
F41 – Show/hide menu bar
F42 – Show/hide status bar
F43 – Show/hide tool bar
F44 – Show/hide window bar
F45 – Show/hide favorites bar
F46 – Show/hide status bar
F47 – Show/hide menu bar
F48 – Show/hide status bar
F49 – Show/hide tool bar
F50 – Show/hide window bar
F51 – Show/hide favorites bar
F52 – Show/hide status bar
F53 – Show/hide menu bar
F54 – Show/hide status bar
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Microsoft Agent is a talking agent in CyberBuddy, which is just like the real person talking to you. You can ask it various questions or send messages to it, and the thing it does best is automatically remind you about important events and remind you to do things like meeting with a friend or doing a project.
1. You can use the Microsoft Agent to check the time, weather, stocks, news, make jokes and thoughts of the day, and more.
2. You can request to speak with the Microsoft Agent and ask it to tell you jokes, news, and anything else that you want.
3. You can also make it speak as a woman, man, or robot.
4. You can request the Microsoft Agent to tell you a joke.
5. You can ask the Microsoft Agent to speak in different languages.
6. You can make the Microsoft Agent to blink, sit idle, and look at you.
7. You can customize its voice, color, speed, and gestures.
8. You can speak to the Microsoft Agent in Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, or Chinese.
9. You can also speak to the Microsoft Agent as a child, child, mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, and other characters.
10. You can customize the way in which the Microsoft Agent reacts to your commands.
11. You can ask the Microsoft Agent to respond to your questions.
12. You can send emails to the Microsoft Agent.
13. You can even make the Microsoft Agent sing, dance, or beep to you.
14. You can also ask it to beep, vibrate, or shake for any reason.
15. You can invite the Microsoft Agent to your homescreen.
16. You can also make the Microsoft Agent remind you to do something.
17. You can make the Microsoft Agent speak in a human or robotic voice.
18. You can also make it blink, show a different expression or different gestures.
19. You can also make the Microsoft Agent understand more than one language.
20. You can also make the Microsoft Agent display the things you ask it to display for you.
21. You can also make the Microsoft Agent say your names, greetings, and so on.
22. You can also tell the Microsoft Agent to talk for you in different languages.
23. You can also turn the Microsoft Agent into your computer wallpaper.