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In this blog post, we show you the shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts that make it easier to navigate Photoshop Elements and use it comfortably.

Shortcuts and their explanations

Shortcuts and their explanations

How to use them: [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[NUMBER]


Opens the next tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the previous tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the topmost tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the first tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the second tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the third tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the fourth tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the bottommost tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the next tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Opens the previous tab in the active panel. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Exit the active panel and close the active Photoshop Elements window. You can also use the default shortcut Shift+Tab.


Save the current active image. You can also use the default shortcut Ctrl+S.


Exits the active image window and reloads the last saved image. You can also use the default shortcut Ctrl+R.


Undoes the last action or cycle. You can also use the default shortcut Ctrl+Y.


Repeats the last action. You can also use the default shortcut Ctrl+F5.


Opens the

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Basically, I want to first find all the files and folders I need from Server A folder structure, then I want to copy those files and folders from server A to server B.
I’ve tried using the “copy” command from the command line but this command doesn’t allow for specifying the source and destination at the same time which is what I need to do.


If there is both data and configuration on the files you would just use scp
scp root@serverA:.rpms/*.rpm root@serverB

If you need the files to

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