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Rssolo4virginiefrench Zip

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Object Error – The error code is 0x80020005 or (Error
2) The system cannot find the file specified.. Where it shows the time and date only, but no actual time as in the snippet.


I am not sure if you still need help for your issue, but maybe the following snippet will help. I have changed a bit your codes, but you have to adapt it to your needs.
My apologies, but I do not know all the words I used. So please, feel free to ask for more explications.
Sub MyFunction()

Dim dt As Date
Dim dTime As Date

dt = Now.Date
dTime = dt.AddDays(3)

MsgBox “I am running on ” & dTime & “. I need to check the following dates:” & _
vbTab & vbTab & dt & vbTab & dTime

‘Open the folder.

‘Check for the files.

If Dir(ThisWorkbook.Path, vbDirectory) = “” Then _
MsgBox “Please select the folder to check.”
If Dir(ThisWorkbook.Path & “*.xlsx”, vbDirectory) = “” Then _
MsgBox “Please select a file to check.”
lngCountFiles = 0
lngiCountFiles = 0
lngrCountFiles = 0
lngdCountFiles = 0
lngdCountFiles = 0
lngbCountFiles = 0
lngwCountFiles = 0
lngsCountFiles = 0
lnghCountFiles = 0
For Each sFile In My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFiles(ThisWorkbook.

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