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Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Resonus Games, which recently released Steam Early Access version. Elden Ring is a free to play. The core of the game is skill based play, where players should equip different equipment with their class at launch. We strongly believe that the multiplayer experience was very compelling during our demo, so we’re confident that you’ll enjoy this game as well.

– Introduction

■ How to play

1. Sign up

By signing up, you receive an Elden Ring Account as a bonus.

2. Character creation

You can start the game as any class.

■ Characters


Warrior: Prove your battle prowess to the entire world.

Berserker: A strong, cold, silent killer.

Assassin: Gain the power to strike from darkness.

Forger: Deep wisdom and high strength.

Master: The protector of the weak.

Warden: A deadly hand to hand combatant.

Druid: A great circle of existence.

Cleric: A great power.

Guardian: A great fortress of wisdom.

Ranger: Gather information from others and navigate unknown areas.

■ Dungeons

After finishing the story, you’ll be able to play Adventure Mode dungeons through a quest called Elden Ring Dungeon mode. You can also join Guilds and visit other players’ towns, and do a variety of activities.

■ Items

1. Summoning Stone: A powerful item that can create or destroy monsters.



Features Key:

  • Total Creation: Create your own character and develop your skills according to your play style.
  • Total Possibility: 110 pieces of equipment, adding up to an unprecedented amount.
  • Develop and Improve Your Skills: Perform an action and exchange credits to develop your character.
  • Action Fiction: An epic story woven with mystery and thrills. Battle for glory in the Lands Between, in a divided, multilayered world.
  • Overview of the game:

    Fantasy is no longer a realm of fantasy.
    Fantasy has now become a realm of life.
    The Lands Between exist between Earth and Elden, which is governed by a set of norms.
    This is the world of action and drama where the fantasy genre meets the action genre.
    The Lands Between lies in a place where magic exists and yet is undeveloped.
    It is a world where life and magic blossom together at first, where man and machine mutually help each other; a world where evil is a malady that can be cured with nobility.
    Elden, which is separated from Elden, is a nation with a strong belief in God, where the days of peace and prosperity are just beginning.
    The Inland Sea which lies between the two nations consists of islands of all shapes and sizes.
    The peoples on the islands trade with one another by ship, and, when the need arises, fight a duel there using weapons that developed for the fighting of sea beasts.
    They use guns, stars, water, and phantoms as weapons.
    In addition, a variety of resources abound in the Lands Between; there is a huge forest full of trees and mud which, though it lacks in breadth, is enormous in depth. There are also a variety of plains, swamps, and deserts in the Lands Between.
    The King Tower, which is the mainstay of Elden, has been standing on the border of the plains and the forest for a long time.
    The King Tower is a monument with large scale and an impressive capacity for defense, being surrounded by a moat, surrounded by five other towers at regular intervals.
    From the King Tower, it is possible to reach a place called Rasou-Kul.
    Rasou-Kul is a world that gives birth to phantoms and is home to phantoms, mag


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    *** [8/10] (IGN)
    – – [85/100] (IGN)
    – – [9/10] (GameStop)
    – – [9/10] (GameSpot)
    – – [9/10] (Eurogamer)
    – – [8.4/10] (The Fret)

    Rating: 8.4/10

    Elden Ring Download With Full Crack, developed by Bluehole Studio, is a new fantasy action RPG that delivers thrilling gameplay and memorable character development as players attempt to succeed in the battle to forge the world of Elden into a greater world. Players will take on the role of a Tarnished, a low-ranking member of the Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen, a secret organization that seeks to overthrow Garrosh Hellscream, the current ruler of the Horde, and take the world of Elen under their wings. Despite being a medieval fantasy setting, Elden Ring Cracked Version has more of a post-apocalyptic feel to the story with the world being torn by endless wars and has a high-class feel to it.


    The main story begins with the passing of the Kaluun, a culture of people of elves. The Elven Ruins will find itself in a dark age where the once great and ancient Elven civilization will fall. It is in this period where the Tarnished, a race of newly-discovered people, will emerge from the plains surrounding the ruins, and a civilization that was nearly forgotten will be recolonized, and the ancient ruins that protected the existence of the Elves will no longer be their home. The Tarnished are a primitive people who are hunted by the civilized people of the provinces.

    If a Tarnished player wishes to fight in the impending war between the Horde and the Alliance, they must first encounter and be convinced by the leaders of the Tarnished, the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring are shrouded in secrecy and for many, their goal is to become the most powerful race in the world.

    Elden Ring is a fantasy setting that, in my opinion, can be considered a dark world. If the game had a uniform design (in my opinion), I would have given it a 9/10 for graphic design and a 9/10 for storytelling. In addition to an enjoyable story and an aesthetic-pleasing world, the main story is very well-paced, and the characters are distinct


    Elden Ring Free Download For Windows [Latest] 2022

    Each of the two poles of the game was distinguished by two kinds of characters, one being the Armies, and the other being the world.

    Armies have to fight the enemy.

    The world has to wait for the end of the battle.

    Gameplay ELDEN RING game:

    The world does not have to be restricted.

    The players live their own stories.


    The presence of others exists in a separate world.

    RPGS like Skyrim and WOW greatly influenced the development of the series. Players will be able to enjoy playing the game with their existing character and equipment.

    • The character growth system is a method of increasing the character’s strength and skill through hunting, training, and experience.
    • New systems such as the open map system, cross-map play system, and world map have been added to the story.
    • The automatic game events will not affect your character’s level.

    (Customization, Upgrade, and Growth)

    During the course of the game, each character will have a variety of equipment that will vary depending on the character’s current level and the type of weapon that it can equip.

    Like the characters, items are also upgraded, and every piece of armor has different skills that can be equipped.

    Click here to see all the equipment that can be equipped for Armies, World, and Runes.

    Rune will be equipped for all the game, including the world.

    Unique to the game will be the concepts of upgrade, and level, which show the progression through the game.

    Players will also be able to develop an individual character.

    (Customization, Upgrade, and Growth)

    As a defense against the huge numbers of enemies, as well as the time to fully upgrade their abilities, a variety of reinforcement system is included.

    The stronger character, the better.

    Each has its own characteristics.

    You have a lot to learn.

    Equipment, increase, growth, and reinforcement have been added to the story.

    The development of the game will enable players to fully enjoy the excitement of the world and combat.

    (Customization, Upgrade, and Growth)

    The current state of the game is based on the latest RPG Shenmue III.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ Graphics and Presentation
    Art Type: 2D hand drawn
    Supported Language: English
    Supported Screen Resolutions:

    ■ Flavor Text
    Tokens and currency hints are not used for flavor text.
    ■ Sound
    Japanese, English, and other languages are supported
    For Functionality

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    Download Elden Ring Crack + Activation

    ————————-How to install:————————-

    1. Download ELDEN RING from the link below and install
    2. Run EXE file
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    ————————-How to activate:————————-

    1. Close the game you just installed
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    6. Now you can start the game

    1. Close the game you just installed
    2. Go to the desktop
    3. Find crack.txt or regedit.exe (crack only)
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    6. Now you can start the game

    ————————-How to PATCH GAME:————————-

    1. Run the game
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    6. wait some time
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    ————————-How to GENERATE ACCOUNT:————————-

    1. Run the game
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    3. Open the file:.exegenerateaccount
    4. Paste the account you want
    5. Press “Apply”
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    1. Run the game
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    ————————-How to FIX GRAPHICS:————————-

    1. Run the game
    2. Open the..EldenRing


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

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    if you already have a game cracked already, just install the crack you have downloaded and follow the instructions.
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Corsair v850 Gaming v2 Intel Core i7-5930K 4.0GHz (3.6GHz Turbo)
    16GB DDR4-2133MHz RAM
    Windows 7 or later
    4-WAY SLI capable video card (ATI, Nvidia)
    1TB+ HDD
    60GB+ free space on C Drive
    HDMI display or display capable of displaying 4K (3840×2160)
    Corsair Flash Voyager 128GB (sold separately)
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