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You have to define a macro for any key combination by typing a unique code. A keyboard shortcut can be assigned to a macro and any new hotkeys can be created using that key combination.
What’s in the box:
KEYMACRO comes in an easy to use installation program that will automatically download to your Desktop, extracting the application and the necessary files to your Windows folder. No more compilation or runtime installation.
In addition you will get:
– Keymacro
– Visual Studio 2017
– Windows 10
– Cruncher.exe
-.NET Framework 4.6
– A help file
Installation is easy with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. It doesn’t require any technical skills and is fully compatible with Windows 8 and newer versions.
Keymacro FAQ:
– Can I use macros with a single key combination?
Yes! You can assign key combos to macros. Macro’s key combo’s can be mixed and matched with the Keymacro hot keys. You can map any key combo, only the key combination itself will be saved. If a hotkey is unused the macro will also be saved.
– How do I re-load a macro?
Macros are stored as XML files. Every time you save a new macro, the one that was saved last will be overwritten. To reload a macro use the Reload button in the Macro tab or load the file using the Open button on the Macros window.
– Can I save hotkeys and macros on other computers?
Yes! This is a major feature of Keymacro. It’s possible to save macros to a folder on a second computer.
– I want to change a hotkey. How?
There are a couple of different ways of changing hotkeys.
– Do hotkeys work with internal keyboard shortcuts?
No. The hotkeys will work independently of the internal keyboard shortcuts.
– Do macros work with Hotkeys?
Macros can be attached to hotkeys to provide a fast alternative to using the keyboard shortcuts. Hotkeys and macros are independent of each other.
– Are macros independent of internal keyboard shortcuts?
Yes, they are. There is no connection between hotkeys and macros, it is completely independent.
– Do macros work with Hotkeys?
Macros can be attached to hotkeys to provide a fast alternative to using the keyboard shortcuts. Hotkeys and macros are independent of each other.
– What’s the difference between a hotkey and 384a16bd22

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1: Choose ‘Tools/Macro Manager’ and ‘Insert/Create Macro’ in the ‘Edit’ menu of the Ribbon.
2: Create a macro named ‘UseChart’ and insert following commands under the macro:
3: Command 1: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
4: Command 2: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
5: Command 3: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
6: Command 4: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
7: Command 5: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
8: Command 6: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
9: Command 7: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
10: Command 8: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
11: Command 9: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
12: Command 10: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
13: Command 11: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
14: Command 12: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
15: Command 13: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
16: Command 14: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
17: Command 15: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
18: Command 16: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
19: Command 17: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
20: Command 18: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
21: Command 19: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
22: Command 20: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
23: Command 21: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
24: Command 22: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
25: Command 23: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
26: Command 24: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
27: Command 25: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
28: Command 26: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
29: Command 27: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
30: Command 28: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
31: Command 29: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
32: Command 30: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
33: Command 31: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
34: Command 32: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
35: Command 33: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
36: Command 34: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
37: Command 35: Chart: (Insert/Quick)
38: Command 36: Chart: (Insert/