KEYMACRO is a tool for managing application and website keys stored in Active Directory on Windows platforms. In addition to the capabilities of being able to perform key and credential management, this application can be used to protect both internal and external applications by validating the authenticity of the incoming connections.
The program is executed with the elevated privileges of the SYSTEM account, which allows the user to access network resources in order to make sure that none of them will be compromised.
KEYMACRO supports two configuration modes: Default and Custom.
In the Default mode, the keys and passwords are stored in the Security Accounts Manager and the user will be able to perform the operations that are needed to manage their keys.
In the Custom mode, the user can manage their keys and passwords directly in the application’s registry.
The default policy can be adapted to comply with specific company requirements, as the following example shows:
In this configuration, the user can manage the credentials for various domain accounts (Active Directory users and groups) and can also revoke user accounts that have been compromised or have been found to be improperly configured.
TESTCACHEURL is a tool for storing the website contents in the RAM on Windows systems.
TESTCACHEURL acts in a manner similar to a temporary internet file, which enables users to access the website contents from the RAM.
TESTCACHEURL makes it possible to speed up the connection to a website, while also reducing the transfer time to the files that are needed to be downloaded.
In addition, the caching of files will make sure that the user does not need to repeat the download process.
NOTE: The application requires Internet access in order to properly function. The cache file can be deleted when the user is done with it. However, there will be no effect on the website.
TESTCACHEURL works in the following way:
When a user accesses a website from the cache, the files will be retrieved directly from the RAM, instead of from the internet. The files will be stored for a specific time period, which can be adjusted.
NOTE: TESTCACHEURL does not support HTTPS connections or connections that require a valid cookie.
KEYLOCK is an application that allows you to protect sensitive data by encrypting it using a password or the encryption keys of the certificate that has been issued. The sensitive data is entered into an input box on the main screen, 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO helps you remove quickly and efficiently all the files you don’t need from your hard drive. When you want to remove a file, KEYMACRO will create a backup of the original one (it will be named the same as the removed one) and delete it at the same time. If you lose or want to keep the backup, you can restore it later on.
KEYMACRO includes two unique filters and options which enable you to be the master of your files:
– Filters
You can select the files you need to remove. For example, if you want to keep only media files (.mp3,.wav,.mp4,.mpa,.mpeg,.3gp,.avi,.m4a), then the selected filter will do the job.
– Options
You can specify how many backup copies you want to keep and the number of days to keep them for.
KeyMACRO also includes some handy features, including but not limited to:
– Previewing files before removing them
– Renaming removed files
– Naming backup files
– Deleting files from the hard drive
– Changing file permissions
– Switching between directories
– Allowing only one instance of the program to run at a time
Additional Information:
– More than 120 different file extensions are supported
– The license is free and there are no restrictions
– Supports Windows OS starting from Windows XP and earlier
– Requires at least 5 MB of free hard drive space
– Includes one-year update support
– Optimized for various hardware and software configurations
– A 30-day money-back guarantee is available
– Absolutely no obligations


H2P HARDWARE Help Desk 2.5.2
H2P HARDWARE Help Desk is a computer/IT hardware repair help desk that helps technicians schedule their working hours and keep track of appointments. You may then use the interface to search for the devices you need to repair. With H2P HARDWARE Help Desk, you will be able to configure the work order time, get the information about each device (manufacturer, model, serial number, etc.), and capture the information about the problem in a form of an issue ticket.
Basic features
H2P HARDWARE Help Desk 2.5.2 includes a suite of basic features to let you organize your work, such as:
– Scheduling a work order
– Adding new devices, products, problems