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Radio amateurs who want to go one step further and obtain a General Radiotelephone Operator License, will have to take several exams. They can practice and prepare for the tests manually, but thankfully, there are software solutions out there aimed at helping them improve their skills. RadioTelephone Tutor is one of them and it will provide users with a library of predefined, multiple-choice questions for the FCC GROL exam.
Crude interface that ensures users’ attention is focused on the questions and not something else
The application carries a simple interface that is by no means impressing on any level. Featuring an MS-DOS-like appearance and minimalist menu entries, RadioTelephone Tutor ensures this way that users will not be pondering on other matters except the exam questions.
Fortunately, although it boasts such a basic interface, which most of the times is operated by using only the keyboard, the utility also supports mouse handling. This might not be such an important matter, but it will help people who are acquainted with using a mouse instead of the keyboard for such controls.
Prepare for the General Radiotelephone Operator License exam with this basic yet efficient utility
Users will be able to access a library of predefined questions, divided into several categories, which the developer considered that best represent the potential subjects for the exam. Answering the questions is simple and the application’s feedback is not the fastest, but manageable.
Additionally, if circumstances dicate and users are required to perform calculations for their questions, the utility also provides a dedicated calculator app. In its basic settings module, one will be able to configure the application to run in fullscreen mode, play sounds when initiating or select the DirectX / GDI modes.
Useful application for those who wish to make sure they will successfully pass the GROL exam
This utility addresses people who are attempting to obtain their GROL license and are about to take the specialized exam. It will offer them an array of predefined, multiple-choice questions that are aimed at helping them improve their skills and prepare for the exam. Featuring a minimalist interface that will not impress through its looks,  RadioTelephone Tutor will allow users to concentrate on the questions.







RadioTelephone Tutor 13.0 Download PC/Windows

– Large library of questions
– Extremely simple interface
– Can be operated with a mouse
– Preview of the previous question in the current one
– User can adjust the previous options after the current one is closed

RadioTelephone Tutor Full Crack – version 1.10 – 97.9 MB
– Notes:
As a small update this is version 1.10 which fixes a few small bugs such as when setting the default radio channels it will reset to default radio channels in the settings, fixing this requires a restart.
Known bugs:
– It will not save the radio channel settings if you exit the application.

If you would like to improve your chances of passing the FCC exam for the General Radiotelephone Operator License test, then this is the application for you. RadioTelephone Tutor will bring up a library of over 50 multiple-choice test questions that were designed to reflect the knowledge required to pass this challenging test. Users will not have to spend hours studying as they will be able to take the exam without any prep work, something many people find to be difficult.
Crude interface that is easy to use and focus on the questions
The interface has a pleasing style with some simplistic and minimalistic features, which makes it easy for users to focus on the questions. This is one of the benefits of this application because it doesn’t require any other basic features in order to function.
One can turn off the sounds if the user wants to focus on the questions as there are no other distractions in this application. The application has options to allow for various mouse handling options, which can help users who are familiar with using a mouse instead of a keyboard.
There are many questions in this application, including some simple ones to more complex ones. The application allows users to view and even edit the previous answers of the questions, as well as test their own knowledge. This is something many people consider to be helpful and something that will help many people to pass the exam without any difficulties.
Another great feature is that users can also practice for the exam using this application. This is a great way to improve the user’s abilities and knowledge, something that is not an easy task.
Use this application to prepare for the General Radiotelephone Operator License exam
For users who are planning to take the General Radiotelephone Operator License test, this application is definitely the answer. This is an application that will improve users’ knowledge as well as their abilities, something

RadioTelephone Tutor 13.0 [Mac/Win]

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RadioTelephone Tutor 13.0 Crack Activation Free Download

You want to pass the GROL exam and earn the GROL license? Then RadioTelephone Tutor is what you need! With our app, you will gain experience for all of the predefined questions that are required for the test.
In this study material, you will find questions about the radio operating licence. These questions cover all of the requirements and more.
1. If you are authorised to use the amateur radio equipment you have:
a. Where you can use it
b. Which radio frequencies
c. How long you can use it
2. The conditions to be a radio amateur are:
a. Knowledge
b. Age
c. Good moral character
3. Radio telephones are:
a. Used for communicating with ships
b. Used for emergency communication
c. Used for fixed communication
4. The definition of amateur radio is:
a. A hobby
b. A regulated activity
c. A regulated profession
5. A ham radio is:
a. An organisation
b. The equipment
c. The licence
6. The Ham Radio Operator Licence consists of:
a. All privileges that the user has
b. One radio station
c. One call sign
7. A radio amateur can:
a. Operate a radio
b. Operate a radio station
c. Use a radio for commercial purposes
8. A VHF radio amateur is:
a. An amateur
b. A ham
c. A radio amateur
9. A HF radio amateur is:
a. A ham
b. A radio amateur
c. An amateur
10. A radio amateur can:
a. Operate a radio station
b. Operate a radio
c. Use a radio
11. A mobile radio amateur is:
a. A ham
b. A radio amateur
c. An amateur
12. A radio amateur can:
a. Communicate with ships at sea
b. Communicate with ships in distress
c. Use a radio
13. A mobile amateur radio station is:
a. A radio station
b. A radio
c. A telephone
14. Using a directional antenna:
a. Helps to connect to a radio station
b. Only for voice transmission
c. Only for voice transmission
15. Amateur radio operators are:
a. Free of any obligations
b. Observe rules of good behavior
c. Observe rules of good

What’s New In RadioTelephone Tutor?

RadioTelephone Tutor is an utility that will prepare candidates for the Radio Amateur General Radiotelephone Operator License, or GROL, licensing exam. Users will find a basic interface with a menu structure and an option to select their radio state and type of license (Y, C, or QRT). The main features of the application include:
1. A library of predefined exam questions for the GROL.
2. A radio simulator.
3. A programmable calculator.
4. Support for 12 different keyboard layouts.
5. Support for fullscreen mode.
6. Sound support.
7. DirectX / GDI modes.











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The Brăila metropolitan area’s population is approximately 200,000 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2017), being one of the largest and fastest developing metropolitan areas in Romania.

Territorial division

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QuadCore, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070/1060 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56/64
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