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The ultimate, affordable and free podcast app that lets you play your favourite podcasts from the moment you start your iPhone or iPad. – Play on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch – Listen to top podcasts – See podcast details – View episode options – Subscribe via iTunes, MP3, OGG, and more Listen to thousands of podcasts in every category and enjoy customisable podcast features Podcast lovers are the best of the best. That’s why they love them so much. What makes them the best of the best? Podcasts are one of the most popular social media platforms. Millions of people love them. Why? Because they’re fun, fast-paced, free, and they’re a fantastic way to present cool content to your target audience. But despite the fun and time efficiency of podcasts, there are many who avoid them for no clear reasons. It’s not the content, it’s not the platform. There are hundreds of alternative ways to enjoy podcasts. First, there are radio apps. Next, there are apps that offer a podcast-like experience, such as Pocketcasts, etc. Then, there are video apps that offer sound through video instead of audio. And as for social media platforms, there are many that offer podcasting platforms. For example, SoundCloud, Anchor, or The Echo Nest. Despite the fun, efficiency, and wide-ranging options, many people are missing their podcast apps of choice. Why? Simply because they’re not as easy to use as they could be. Podurama Podcast Player puts an end to this problem. It is a no-brainer podcast app that is intuitive, extremely easy to use, and packed with cool features that improve both the user and podcaster experience. Podcasts at a glance ✓ Easy to use ✓ Ad-free ✓ Customisable settings and device ✓ Import OPML files from previous podcast clients ✓ Podcasts list ✓ Subscribe through iTunes, MP3, OGG ✓ See podcast details ✓ View episode options ✓ Personalise each podcast based on personal preferences ✓ See podcast profile ✓ Listen on podcast pages ✓ Listen without annoying ads ✓ Mobile: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch ✓ Podcast discovery ✓ Episode list ✓ Personalise each podcast based on personal preferences ✓ Import OPML files from previous podcast clients ✓ Podcast podcasts list ✓ 2f7fe94e24

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► More than 500,000 unique podcasts available at your fingertips. ► Search and filter podcasts by topic, show categories, or release date. ► Lace custom RSS feeds and import feeds from other podcast clients. ► Tag, favorite, delete, and create lists. ► Option to add podcast feeds from other apps to your lists. ► Sync podcasts to all your devices and even download them to your phone.

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This application is free to use and is a great tool for podcast lovers. It works great on iOS and Android. The application gives you more than 2500 selections from around the world, so you can have your information and content at your disposal anytime you want. You can even export the podcast topics you like to select them for offline listening. On top of all this, you have a great tool for content search and tags. You have access to more than 15,000 selected episodes, you can filter the content by topic and by location. Furthermore, you can create your own watch-later lists and create lists with podcast episodes from other users. The tool does not display any advertising and offers customizable RSS feeds for when you want to pick your own podcast content. In review Easy to use and understand, and with a powerful and comprehensive podcast-related functionality. Helpful 2 Value for money 2 Software in use Mac OS X Summary 2 Review details Review rating (4,4 votes) Bottom Line A very useful app that is easily customizable to meet your expectations. Platform iOS Mac OS Pricing Free for 30 days License model Free Trial Subscription model Free Paid for Perpetual Social Subscribe to comments with RSS Filter by Tag All Podcasts – mac These are the best applications that would help you discover podcasts. These are a few of the best podcast players available for Mac. CyberLink MediaShow ($69.99 – $149.99) CyberLink MediaShow is a full-featured application that helps you manage your podcasts and stream your podcasts to your smartphone, desktop, or other devices. It has an intuitive user interface and a quick data import feature to help get new podcasts downloaded as soon as possible. CyberLink MediaShow is useful for podcasting newbies as well as experienced podcast listeners who want to organize, stream, and listen to their favorite podcasts. DoubleTwist ($15.99 – $59.99) DoubleTwist is a free podcast player application and is the best podcast player for Mac. It allows you to seamlessly browse through and listen to your favorite podcasts; even if you are on a slow internet connection. St


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– PC: Windows® Vista (or better) – OS: Microsoft Windows® XP (or better) – Display: 1024×768 resolution, 16-bit color, XGA- or higher-resolution. (Optional) – Resolution of the installed system: 1200×800 or higher – DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c – Space: Approximately 350 MB free space (Total space: 4 GB) – Hardware: An