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Note: Some antimalware applications might trigger alerts for NotCPUCores. However, our tests have shown that these are actually false positives, which means that it's safe to download and install the tool.
If you noticed that the video games you run on your computer do not run as smoothly as they used to, then you do not necessarily need to check out your bank account and inquire about purchasing new hardware. Thanks to applications such as NotCPUCores, you can end the unnecessary process and change their priorities so that the processor uses all its power for the graphic app you are running.
Lets you specify the number of cores you want to run on
The utility does not require setup or configuration, so you can run it as soon as you download it to your computer. The app comes with a minimalistic, yet easy-to-navigate interface that consists of two main tabs, namely Optimize and One Time Tweak.
Functionality-wise, the tool is as simple to operate as it looks, meaning that you can type the process name and include the number of cores that you want the processor to dedicate for running your video game or graphic application.
As far as the potential mistakes you can make as a rookie with overclocking, you will be happy to learn that the application comes with a dedicated button that lets you restore the settings to default.
Allows you to toggle the High Precision Event Timer on and off
While in the Optimize tab, you can optimize the process associated with the game, in the One Time Tweak tab you can enable or disable the HPET. Then again, you should bear in mind that processing to shutting down this process can cause a considerable decrease in performance with some games. Nevertheless, if this is the case, then you can enable it back with just one click.
Regardless of the setting configuration that works best for the game you are playing, do not forget to set the process associated with it to High. As a side note, the app does not come with advanced features for the time being, but they are likely to appear in the future, as indicated in the UI.
A tool that can help you boost your PC for playing video games
In the eventuality that investing in new hardware is not an option or perhaps, you prefer to control the processes running in the background while you play video games, then perhaps NotCPUCores could come in handy.









NotCPUCores Crack For PC [Updated] 2022

This tool is developed to help you test your system without having to install any add-on programs. Using this tool, we made sure that it uses all your CPU cores and not just one core. All you have to do is download this application, start it, and test your system.

You can choose your CPU and your system language, but if you do not know how to use the program, you can always use the help section to get started.

Stick to whatever part of the screen you want to test your system
The app shows you the utilization of the four cores on your CPU in a very neat interface. This tool is very simple to use, as it shows you all the features of the application, and when you hover over them, you can see a description.
You can even toggle the High Precision Event Timer on and off if you wish, and you can adjust the clock frequency of your CPU as well. Once you are done adjusting all the parameters, click on the Start button to test your CPU. The amount of time you give it is based on the settings you made earlier. It usually takes no more than five to ten seconds.

You can also watch the CPU utilization graph at all times and the system load in the bottom left corner.

Overall, you cannot really go wrong with this simple tool that just lets you get on with your computer. I tested the tool and I got some cool information that would be great for some people. This application is an ideal tool for someone who wants to be a step ahead of everyone else. It is also very easy to operate and you do not have to set up anything to use it.
Enjoy using it.

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NotCPUCores Serial Number Full Torrent

NotCPUCores is a simple but effective utility that allows you to modify your process priorities in order to optimize the usage of the processor. The application was designed with gamers in mind and does not require any advanced hardware or software. Just download the application, run it and enjoy the enhanced performance in the game that you play.

Developer: ZERODIUM
Platform: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10

PC maintenance with NotCPUCores
Video games may be fun, but they often require a lot of time and resources to be played. In order to keep your hardware in top condition, here are some tips for PC maintenance with NotCPUCores:
Get NotCPUCores
As indicated above, the application can be downloaded from their official website at the link below:

Create a backup of your computer
Before you proceed with any PC maintenance, it is recommended that you back up your data using an external hard drive or a cloud storage service. This will safeguard you against losing your work if the system fails while you are downloading the backup file.
You can use a third-party PC backup application, or you can manually back up your data using the Windows Backup tool or similar.
Run NotCPUCores
Once you have downloaded the file, run the utility. It will come with a window that lets you select the process associated with your game, as well as the number of cores you want to set for it to use.
If you are a novice and find it difficult to select the process and the number of cores that you want to set, do not fret, the tool comes with the User Guide feature. You can refer to it for help.
If your computer is already running smoothly, the process associated with your game will probably work fine on its own. However, if you are experiencing slow gameplay, you can enable High Precision Event Timer in the process that you want to make use of all your system’s power.
Stop the process
You can shut down the application if you need more RAM or CPU. This will allow you to run other applications at the same time.
Try NotCPUCores
It is recommended that you try using the NotCPUCores utility. If you want to make sure it does not cause any damage to your hardware, you can try installing it first. However, if you find that it is not helping you to improve performance,

What’s New In?

★★★ How to Control CPU Cores from Your PC★★★
✅ NotCPUCores is a free software that allows you to control the amount of CPU cores your computer has by clicking a button.

✅✅✅✅ Latest Version with New Features!✅✅✅✅
Please read this video’s description for more information.
Hello everyone,
How are you? Are you a programmer? Are you interested in developing applications for Windows?
Maybe you’re interested in developing Windows applications for beginners.
Windows software development is not simple.
You need to develop skills to write code and debug code, test code and test code, debug code and test code, develop apps and debug apps, develop apps and test apps.
Then you start to think that you are not a professional programmer.
Are you a programmer?
Are you interested in developing Windows apps?
If you are, this is the right app for you!
For beginners, this is a good choice!
However, if you are looking for a professional tool, you may need to use another one.
There are many ways to achieve your goal.
With the help of NotCPUCores, you can quickly control the CPU cores that your computer has.
This is a very useful tool for programmers, and even experienced programmers.
There are many reasons why you should learn to control CPU cores.
1.Control the power of your computer.
2.Increase the performance of your computer by yourself.
3.Unlock your computer’s potential.
4.Set the ideal performance for different apps.
5.Use multiple threads or increase the number of threads.
6.In short, this app will help you to use your computer more efficiently.
NotCPUCores Features:

System Requirements For NotCPUCores:

Windows (7/8/8.1/10), Mac OSX 10.9 and SteamOS
19 GB available hard drive space for installation
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, or Japanese language option selected in game
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card.
Modern video settings, resolution 1024×768 or higher is recommended
NVIDIA card minimum 1024 MB RAM (2 GB recommended)
Recommended computer configuration:
Intel Core i5-4570/AMD Phenom II X4 9