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Make high quality wallpapers for your desktop computer.

this is freeware graphics and utility and suitable for all operating systems

is free and does not require installation or registration.

does not contain any advertising or toolbars and is easy to use.

emulates a popular hardware keyboard.

allows you to use a computer keyboard as a game controller.

press the CTRL key to go to the options window, choose the “Keymacro” option and then “New game”.

screen resolution of the keyboard:

keyboard resolution (number of rows of keys):

keyboard usage:

built-in sounds

built-in effects (such as flushing and altering of the screen)

can change the keymap of the keyboard

can press a key for you when there is no Windows key on your keyboard.

key press sound

hide the taskbar when there is no Windows menu on your desktop

You can play a game with the keyboard and gamepad connected to your computer at the same time

KEYMACRO features:

feature – 1 –

keyboard emulation:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 2 –

built-in sounds:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 3 –

built-in effects:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 4 –

keyboard option window:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 5 –

ability to change the keymap:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 6 –

auto enter at system startup:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 7 –

built-in skins:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 8 –

built-in “Press to go to options” options:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 9 –

built-in “Press to go to options” options:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 10 –

built-in effects:

screenshot of the Keymacro application:

feature – 11 –

keymapping of all keys:

screenshot of the Keymacro 384a16bd22

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Keymacro is an utility that provides the possibility of remapping the standard keyboard shortcuts. If a user knows the shortcut used to make a selection, the pressing of the desired key combination won’t make the selection. In fact, the “Keymacro” is an application that performs the function of a software extension, meaning that it might extend the existing functionality of an application.
Keymacro only works on Windows, meaning that it won’t offer any keymapping capabilities on MacOS, Linux, etc.
Furthermore, the support for newer versions of Windows means that Keymacro won’t offer support for “a few” older operating systems like Windows 8.
One of the most common uses of Keymacro is in the video editing software VLC.
This utility is capable of replacing the clipboard functionality of this program by offering the means to easily grab a selection and place it in a third-party program.
Keymacro comes in two versions: the “standard” version, which offers basic functionality to the user and the “professional” version, which offers more advanced features.
Official Website:
Keymacro is an extremely simple and easy to use tool that offers the possibility of mapping custom key shortcuts.
The interface is also user-friendly, providing a simple mouse-driven user experience, and offers a choice of seven different display styles that are good for all types of users.
All in all, the application is a perfect tool to offer additional functionality to your apps and programs that allow for custom key shortcuts.
The option to customize the custom key shortcuts is also very easy to use, offering the means to set both the character that will be used and the new key combination.
Furthermore, Keymacro is capable of working with different number of keys, from 1 to 4.
No matter the operating system used, the application works very well with any of them.
Furthermore, the ability to load and save profiles is also offered, and even offers the means to add and remove profiles from the key mapping list.
The ability to clear the custom key combinations is also offered, allowing for the quick removal of all the custom shortcuts.
Keymacro is also capable of creating a new file, meaning that you could use the application to change the default shortcuts for a program, offering the means to add more