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· You will start seeing Twitter search results when the “Next Steps” message box is displayed.
· The results will be available in the “Topics”, “People”, “Tone” or “Details” worksheets.
· Click the title of the worksheet to view the twitter search queries displayed on that sheet. For example, the “Tone” sheet displays all keywords, #hashtags, @mentions and the search queries used to retrieve Twitter statistics inside Excel.
· You can perform an ad-hoc analysis of tweets by day, by hour, by tweeters, by #hashtags and @mentions.
· Click on any Twitter data sets to get more details. For example, hover over the word “Tweets” to view the number of tweets for a given day, hour or tweeter.
· The columns on the “Tone” and “Details” worksheets can be sorted based on multiple criteria. For example, the “Tweeting Users” report can be sorted by highest, medium and lowest users based on their user count.
· You can also rearrange the columns inside the “Tone” and “Details” worksheets using the arrows on the left and the column headers in the top left corner.
· Slicers can be used to filter the Twitter data inside the “Tone” and “Details” worksheets. For example, the “Recents” slider can be used to only retrieve recent Tweets by day or hour.
· You can even use slicers to delete/update part of the data displayed in each worksheet. See the “Tweets by User” report and its “Delete/update” slicer to learn more.
· Use the reference tables (RT, ID and link to the twtter image) inside the “Tone” worksheet to refine your search queries.
· The values displayed inside each worksheet can be formatted into cells and tables based on your specifications. For example, the tweet count for a date/time can be displayed as a number or as a percentage. Use the formatting tools to customize your output.
· Use the “Microsoft Analytics for Twitter” button to access advanced features such as the “Tweets by user” report, the “Hashtag & Mentions ” and “Keys of Influence” reports.
· The “Tone” worksheet allows users to get a quick dashboard view of Twitter statistics inside Excel by day, by hour, by tweeters,

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· You can obtain up to 5 parallel Twitter searches (limited to 1500 results per query per day) by selecting the “Twitter Search” button at the top right of the “Microsoft Analytics for Twitter.xlsx” file.
· You can perform ad-hoc analysis of tweets by day, by hour, by tweeters, by #hashtags and @mentions by selecting the “Trends” button at the top right of the “Microsoft Analytics for Twitter.xlsx” file.
· You can modify your tweets views by selecting the “Slicers” button at the top right of the “Microsoft Analytics for Twitter.xlsx” file.
· You can display a tweet relevant to a particular day, hour, tweeters, #hashtags or @mentions by selecting the appropriate button for the selected “Topic” or “Tone” (i.e. #hashtag or @mention) in the “Related Tweets by Topic” or “Related Tweets by Tone” worksheets.
· You can display the latest Twitter tweets, tweets from your Twitter stream, tweets related to a particular keyword or hashtag in the “Details” worksheet. You can also display a detailed list of the most trending tweets by hour, tweeters, #hashtags or @mentions in this worksheet.
· You can build a table of reference for searching for tweets by using Dax formulas or Excel Ref Tables. The “Topics”, “People”, “Tone” and “Details” worksheets provide example of the possible DAX formulas and Excel Reference Tables.
· You can retrieve the rest of the tweets from Twitter with a single click in the “Next Steps” message box. You can choose to refresh the entire Twitter stream or refresh specific Twitter accounts within the selected time period. For example, you can refresh all twitter accounts updated within the last 24 hours.
Note: The “Next Steps” button, located at the top right of the “Microsoft Analytics for Twitter.xlsx” file, will only present the “Next Steps” message box if the “Twitter Search Complete” message box did not already appear.
Twitter Search Syntax:

Be wary that not all queries can be executed.
To execute queries, the search term must meet the following conditions:
1. The search term is the string between the Start and the @End symbols.
The name of the Twitter bot, application or user account to query.
@ End

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· To easily navigate Microsoft Analytics for Twitter, we first created 3 tabs which are accessed through the buttons on the toolbar:
This tab contains search queries by day and is sorted by date.
“Twitter Search Complete”
This tab displays the 4 resulting Twitter queries.
This tab lists the 10 most popular topics in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 on the day of the most recent search query.
This tab contains the last 5 search queries (up to 5 total). The order of the tabs is based on how recently a search was performed.
· Search queries in the “Latest” tab are sorted based on the date of the most recent query.
· The “Topics” tab displays the 10 most popular topics in Microsoft Office Excel 2010 for the day of the last search query.
· The “Refresh” tab contains the last 5 search queries performed.
· You can navigate between these tabs through the toolbar buttons located at the top of each sheet. See the “Next Steps” message box for more information on how to perform Next Steps on data.
Twitter Search Syntax:
At the time of this post, Microsoft Office Excel 2010 was still in the Preview phase. The implementation of Twitter Search syntax in Excel is currently quite new. It has a long way to go and we are excited to see how this addition will evolve and how it will be developed. At this time, the syntax is completed and mostly stable (i.e. no breaking change). We will update this post when more changes become available.
All Twitter statistics are reported from the last search query. It is important to note that this add-in does not return complete Twitter statistics (i.e. view your actual Twitter statistics via the Twitter search URL). As of this post, only the last 5 search queries performed are displayed. To obtain complete Twitter statistics, please visit the Twitter search URL by yourself.
The “Twitter Search Complete” message box is a simple hint to the fact that Twitter queries are being performed. This is why the number of search queries are limited to 5 at a time (the system may crash). If you receive a “Twitter Search Query Clipped” message box, please note this message and adjust the search query.
Customizing Your Views:
Microsoft Analytics for Twitter allows you to customize your search queries by changing the way that it displays tweet statistics (e.g. date by day, hour by hour, use slicers for a refined look).

What’s New In Microsoft Analytics For Twitter?

· This add-in allows to query Twitter using its search syntax, providing you with a dashboard view of the tweets retrieved (i.e. tweeters, hashtags, @mentions & keywords).
· Click on the “Details” tab to display the Twitter search query (access to the query varies by tab).
· Click the search icon to retrieve Twitter search queries.
· Wait for the “Twitter Search Complete” message box.
· Click OK.
· Wait for the “Next Steps” message box.
· Click OK.
· Refresh the first sheet (top left) to see your Twitter search query.
• The following is an example of a query:
1. #NorthShore (This is a #hashtag that you can use in Twitter posts to indicate a specific location).
2. New England Patriots (A team name, representing a specific team or organization).
3. Tom Brady (A player name or nickname, representing a specific person).
4. Boston Red Sox (A team name, representing a specific team or organization).
5. #RedSox (This is an example of an @mention that you can use in Twitter posts to mention an individual, or to indicate a specific message/tweet sent to a specific individual on Twitter)
• Click on the “Tweets” tab to display the tweet retrieved from your Twitter search query.
• Click on the “+” icon to group multiple tweets into a single row in this worksheet.
• Click the [+] icon at the bottom of a tweet to view more details on this tweet.
• Use the “Filters & Slicers” page to customize your view:
a) Apply a date range to your view.
b) Choose your desired columns.
c) Apply an aggregation function (summation, median, count or standard deviation).
• Click on the “People” tab to display an overview of the people mentioned within your Twitter search query. Click on a person’s profile image to display additional Twitter information and insights on that person.
• Use the “Tweets” worksheet to display a list of all the tweets retrieved in your query.
• Click on a tweet to view the user’s profile and additional Twitter information.
• Use the “Details” tab to display additional Twitter statistics and metrics such as:
a) Retweets, mentions, favorites, etc.
b) The location of the Twitter profile (@geo_place).

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