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KeyMACRO is a package for interoperability and testing of software that communicates using a Modbus serial cable, network or modem. It includes adapters for most Modbus modems, network cards and the USB port.

OpenStack Repository
The OpenStack code base is available from the Neutron project

OpenStack Repository has been created to allow many
developers to access and contribute to OpenStack source code.

OpenStack Repository for Neutron has been created to allow many developers to access and contribute to Neutron source code. It is the project that provides developers access to the Neutron code.


While the Neutron project provides a set of common APIs that are used to
communicate with network devices, it is
designed to be the framework to test and integrate other communication
libraries with it, including the KeyMACRO package.

This allows a Neutron developer to implement their own communication library,
simply calling the Neutron APIs. The communication library can be used for debugging,
testing and integration with other applications. KeyMACRO offers a number of
communication adapters for most popular Modbus network types including Modbus
TCP, Modbus RTU, Modbus UDP and Network Processors.

KeyMACRO can test all communication between Modbus endpoints using a local
or remote Modbus server.

The Modbus protocol consists of three layers of communication:

Low-level: a structured message containing a set of commands
High-level: one or more sequences of commands to be executed
Application level: instructions for the execution of the requested commands

KeyMACRO provides adapters that can test each layer of Modbus.

KeyMACRO is a package for communication modules that can be used on a variety of platforms. KeyMACRO offers adapters for the following environments:

kmodbus supports keymacro:KMODBUS-1.2.0 or later
Network adapters
Windows / Linux / Mac
KeyMACRO supports the following Modbus network adapters:

Modbus OpenSource Modbus
Modbus 1.2 RTU
Modbus TCP
Modbus UDP
Network Processors

KeyMACRO supports both server and client side, and also allows for the Modbus server to be distributed either on a local machine, or remotely. d82f892c90

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Syue Mountain is a range of small mountains, extending about 25 km NNW of Taitung City, Taiwan. The highest point is a 3,886 m high summit on the east side of the range, called Hsueh Shan (,’snow mountain’).

Syue Mountain is one of the local tourist attractions in Taitung City. The peak has an all-year-round panorama, and is visible from most parts of Taitung.

‘Syue’ means ‘trees’ or ‘forest’ in the local Mandarin dialect. The name was given after the Japanese colonists who settled there brought saplings from Japan.


The range is separated from the rest of the Taiwan Highlands by the Taipei Basin. It is north of the highest peak of the Chungyang Range, and faces the Ilan Gorge (Taitung County), which is a canyon of the Li River. The slopes of the mountain range are relatively gentle, with the summit being the highest point of the range.

Syue Mountain is about 25┬ákm north of Taitung City, in the far northeast of Taiwan. The range is spread over an area of about 200 square kilometers, and it rises from a height of about 300 meters at the mountain’s peak.

The highest point on the mountain is a tall peak called Hsueh Shan (,’snow mountain’).

The history of Syue Mountain is tied up with the history of the surrounding highlands of Taitung County. It was formed when the oceanic crust of the Pacific Plate was forced up over the Ilan basin.

When the island of Taiwan was settled by the aboriginal people, this was a plain. The aboriginal population was split into two groups: the first group lived near the coast, while the other group lived on the more distant mountains.

During the Ching Dynasty, a large part of the aboriginal population was forced into slavery by the Japanese. The Japanese established large plantations around the coast in Taitung County.

In 1595, during the Japanese invasion of Taiwan, a large contingent of Japanese soldiers was cut off and surrounded by the aboriginal people. The Japanese soldiers, who were outnumbered by the natives, were forced to surrender. The Japanese then took control of the aboriginal people, moved them into fortified villages, and created larger plantations.

Syue Mountain was named after the area around Taitung and was the name of the