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WPM (Window Position Manager) & SendToBack
(The ability to use the keyboard to instantly move a window from the
current position to the back position of the active window group.
WPM can be activated/deactivated from the right-click menu. You can
also use the keyboard to instantly move the active window group to the
back of the desktop.)
Special thanks:
[Molo] for the original project,

It’s a long time since my last post on 3D printing here. Actually, I started printing an object last year that came out pretty nice. Now, the project is almost finished and I have an idea to actually print a complete set of my teeth. My mouth and eye area, in case you’re interested.

I’ll be using a 3D printed adapter to mount my 3D printed teeth on top of a plaster cast.

I will be using 3D printing and fabrication as a medium for dental prosthetics. However, these are just a starting point. My goal is to help people through the kind of problems I encountered while developing my DIY platform and perfect it through the same process.

You can find the 3D printable files for my teeth here:

More dental projects are in the pipeline. I’m looking forward to working on different materials to achieve different effects.

I have just started working on a Web Development project. It’s only a Proof of Concept but a very neat one nonetheless.

Here’s how it works. The device scans your hands and offers you various options based on the scanned data. One is a customization service, which allows you to change the appearance of your hands and fingers as per your wishes. The other, more practical, option is the one offered by the device. It allows you to do a very easy-to-use, real-time, two-way communication between you and others via a webcam on the top of the device. You can send a high-quality video or an image of yourself and ask a friend to match your face on your friend’s webcam. You can also give a voice command over the webcam.

Additionally, the device allows you to connect to the internet and download apps, the very functions that we expect from smartphones these days. 384a16bd22

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This KEYMACRO contains the information to compile a C# Class (mincsharp) using the MiniCSHarp application.

C# is the fastest growing language in programming in the world. C# will continue to evolve and expand until Microsoft releases a solid Visual Studio IDE and all developers for Windows can write and build web, database, desktop, and Windows/Linux client apps using this proven technology. ICSharpCode.TextEditor is a free open source code editor and compiler for C#. It is used by thousands of developers and coders around the world. It is a C# console application that offers some of the nicest features on the market.
There are dozens of code editors and compiler out there, and most of them are simple editors that don’t have any C# support. This is the key to writing and developing C# apps. No C# support? Unusable. Until now, there hasn’t been any C# editor that was both powerful and simple. I searched the Internet for a code editor or compiler for C# that had all of the features I wanted. The problem was, there wasn’t one. After finding some C# editors and compilers for a C# app, I decided to combine them into one application. This created MiniCSHarp. I wanted to write a compiler for the C# language, but no such app existed. So, I created one.
ICSharpCode.TextEditor is a C# console application that makes writing and building C# apps fun. It offers features such as highlighting syntax, collapsing/expanding code blocks, renaming and editing classes, conditional compilation, inserting code, and more. It’s simple to use and can compile C# to Windows Forms and Console applications. It even allows you to compile and run C# source code as it is. It is also fully documented. I am a Visual Studio fan, so I based the ICSharpCode.TextEditor on its.NET framework. I used the code editor in SharpDevelop to work out the kinks in the code and to improve the application. I have used the new engine in SharpDevelop to compile and test MiniCSHarp and improve it.
Source Code:
This zip file contains the MiniCSHarp application in both Source and WinForms versions. It can be run from the command line (which is recommended). It is also possible to run the application from within SharpDevelop, but it requires a paid version of