kontrolni zadaci iz srpskog jezika za peti razred zip

ControlMyNikon is a professional tethering application for Nikon DSLRs that helps you capture images right from your desktop. It is able to handle from a simple remote control of your camera up to complex technical shots. Supported camera models The tool works with the following Nikon models: Df, D3, D3S, D3X, D4, D4S, D40, D40X, D60, D80, D90, D200, D300, D300S, D600, D610, D700, D800, D800E, D5000, D5100, D5200, D5300, D7000, and D7100. Clean feature lineup You are welcomed by a user-friendly layout that embeds an Explorer-like panel in the main window for helping you easily browse throughout the content of your files and folders stored on your PC. Live view display The program offers a live view of your camera on your computer monitor so you can shoot the perfect area and lets you remotely autofocus or manually alter the focus, zoom in or out of the scene, and review the exposure with the aid of a histogram. Adjust camera settings remotely ControlMyNikon gives you the freedom to alter your camera settings right from the main panel of the utility. You may adjust the shutter, aperture, ISO, delay, WB, and other parameters, and save settings with the aid of profiles which can be reused in the future for other photo shootings. For example, you can keep a profile for landscapes and another one for macro. Different types of shootings You may choose between several shooting modes, such as HDR, burst, time-lapse, stop motion, focus stacking and long exposure. The batch shooting feature can be used for importing a data file prior to your shooting sessions. File management options The utility makes it easier for you to name files and folders by embedding numbers, dates and data from batch shooting sessions. In addition, it is able to save a copy of your captured picture to another location, such as network or USB drive. Support for different triggers There are different ways for triggering the shutter. You may capture an image or movie by using your voice, web browser, electronic sensor, sound, mouse, phidgets, remote Powerpoint connections, external app or keyboard. You can even create a live view motion trigger by specifying the target zone in the live view screen, so as to be able to capture photos when motion is detected in the zone. You can even eea19f52d2


ExamView Assessment Suite Description:
In ExamView Assessment Suite, you will find a variety of tools for creating tests, managing students, their performance and more. We developed ExamView Assessment Suite for a single purpose: to help teachers and professors create and manage tests more efficiently. There are no other products like this one in the market. All the tools you need are gathered in one place so you can access them easily, from anywhere, at any time.

**Problem Solving**
– Make lists of solutions to problems. Use List Manager to keep track of them, add your own ideas and obtain automated feedback.
– Save your list of solutions as a PDF.
– Submit solutions for grades, prizes, etc.

**Computer Vocabulary**
– Remember terms and expressions. Use Vocabulary Manager to maintain your own list of important terms and expressions.
– Save your list as a PDF.
– Sort lists to make finding terms and expressions easy.
– Submit entries for grades, prizes, etc.

– Manage the daily progress of your students and their test results. Use Progress Manager to maintain your own list of students and test results, as well as receive feedback on them.
– Save your list as a PDF.
– Upload additional test results, grades, and comments to your list.
– You can also use Progress Manager for the construction and management of tasks.

**Online Assessment**
– Organize your online tests with Multiple Choice Test Manager.
– Allow or prevent students from sharing their scores.
– Save your list of results as a PDF.

**Fundamentals of Problem Solving**
– Keep a list of questions and problems you find in the textbook or online. Use Questions Manager to keep track of them and answer them yourself.
– Save your list as a PDF.
– Import your own questions from the book or internet.
– When you make a guess, it is marked automatically, and you receive feedback on it.

**Essentials of Computer Vocabulary**
– Browse terms and expressions by category, like Computer Science, Internet, etc. Use Categories Manager to organize your own list of terms and expressions.
– Save your list as a PDF.
– Sort your list by spelling, synonyms or frequency of usage.
– Filter your list by category or spelling.

**Computer Organization**
– Use these essential tools to manage your files and programs.