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The Zabur is an obscure book written by the sixth century Muslim poet Ibn Arabi. It is believed to be one of the secrets to his writings.

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Can any set be mapped onto $mathbb R$?

Suppose that we have a set $X$ (in this case $mathbb R$), where we can do any operation on it: for example $fcolon mathbb Rto mathbb R$ is any bijection.
If $X$ is a countable set, then can we always find a bijection (or isomorphism) $fcolon Xto mathbb R$?


Injective functions have many counterexamples: $mathbb R$ is countable, but there are uncountable cardinals.
The function $f: mathbb{N} to mathbb{N}$ defined by $f(n) = n+1$ is not injective (there are two different sequences of even integers that map to $1$).
A different sort of example can be constructed with injective functions that are not surjective: The identity function from $mathbb{N}$ to $mathbb{N}$ is injective, but it is not surjective.
Surjective functions have no counterexamples, since the empty set is countable and everything injective is injective, too.
Also, all bijections from a set to another set are isomorphisms, so for any set $X$, there is an isomorphism from $X$ to $mathbb{R}$.


How can I get a list of rooms per availability at a property?

We are building a web application that presents information about properties, and that information is built up through CRUD operations on a database that is stored at a third party. We have pretty good control over the information returned, but we don’t have access to the database itself.
We are building our application with Rails 3 and JRuby 1.6, and we would like to do something like this in the controller:
def index
@property = Property.where(:id => 1)
@available_rooms = @


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It is also included in some modern translations of the The Art of War by Helen Scully, although these use the much shorter title The Secret of the Golden Flower. The opening lines of the text are:

Early Western translations
In the West the book was translated into many languages, including English, French, Latin, German, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and several others. The Art of War was translated into English by James Legge, then known as James Ware, in the late 19th century. In the following decades, the English version was re-edited many times, with its form varying from version to version.

The Early Chinese Text Project (ECTP) has done extensive work to produce an accurate and complete digital edition of The Art of War.

English translations
A widely used English translation is:

Modern Chinese translations

Chinese translations were very popular in the early 20th century. The first translated version was done by Luo Fengji () of the China Inland Mission and published in 1905.

A complete English-Chinese digital edition of The Art of War was released in 2011 by Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Other translations
Some other translations can be found in the article on the book, along with commentary on their accuracy.

Other arts

Other famous illustrations of the book can be found in:

Film adaptations
The The Art of War was adapted into two different movies:

The China Miniatures Film Company produced a 51-minute silent film adaptation, The Art of War, in 1935.
The Warner Brothers produced a 75-minute animated adaptation in 1954.

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