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GroceryLister is an easy-to-use, Java-based program designed to help you manage your grocery lists. It was created to ease the burden of handwritten checklists for people who have trouble commiting numerous items to memory.
User interface
The application has a minimalist menu, with focused options on shopping. A new tab is opened every time a new list of groceries is made, and you can mark products as favorites by placing them in a separate tab to find them quicker.
In order for the program to run smoothly, you need to have Java installed on your PC. On the other hand, it doesn’t add new entries to the system registry, and you can run it from a USB flash drive on any computers with Java installed.
Add and delete items
You can create a new list with the products you need to buy and give it a name when saving it. When adding new items, you can specify various properties, such as quantity, item name, a short description for a better search, size in case you are acquiring objects, and brand. Besides, you can mark the product if it is on sale or eligible for a discount coupon.
The amount of total items is shown as well as whether or not this number is accepted for the express lane checkout. This limit can be changed from the options panel, while the saved items can be added to a favorites list for quick access.
Once your list is finished, you can export it in HTML format, launch the new file in your web browser, as well as view and print information.
All in all, GroceryLister is a simple program that helps you create and manage your grocery lists, and export details to a HTML file, so you can easily print it out. It needs Java to run.
1) You can print
2) The application doesn’t add new entries to the system registry.
3) You can run it from a USB flash drive
1) The application requires Java to run.
2) The program doesn’t display the amount of items (in the saved list), so you can’t export it as HTML
3) The application doesn’t have a “hide the product once a quantity is saved” option
4) The application can take a long time when doing a search


There are several excellent programs for doing this sort of thing.
My personal favorite is called Recipe Curmudgeon (Windows). It’s free and easy eea19f52d2


PeaExtractor Portable is a handy piece of software that lets you extract a wide variety of archive formats in a matter of a few easy steps. This handy unpacker offers you the option to open the archive contents in your default application, or, alternatively, in Windows Explorer. Consequently, you can unpack the contents of a multi-volume archive such as 001, R01, Z01, and so forth.
The application provides you with a handy status panel that will show you the status of the process and its progress. It is worth mentioning that when you drag and drop your archives over the executable, the application will process the desired archives automatically. However, if you wish to extract the contents one at a time, you can simply open the dedicated window where you can move on with the process.
You can select the desired output folder and, if the archive is protected by a passkey, you can enter the passkey, if applicable.
PeaExtractor Portable Key Features:
Full functionality
PeaExtractor Portable provides you with full functionality and the application does not need to be installed. Therefore, you can use this tool to unpack a wide range of archive formats such as ACE, 7z, RAR, ZIP, ISO, TAR, CAB, ZIPX, PEA or spanned multi-volume archives. In addition to these, you can also use the application to unlock encrypted archives such as AES, RC4, Blowfish, Serpent, AES and 3DES, and so forth.
Compatible with a wide range of file formats
PeaExtractor Portable is a powerful utility and the application supports a wide range of file formats, such as those mentioned above. Therefore, if you come across unknown archive formats and variants, you can attempt to access them via this tool.
PeaExtractor Portable supports an extensive list of archive formats, including but not limited to ACE, 7z, RAR, ZIP, ISO, TAR, CAB, ZIPX, PEA or spanned multi-volume archives. Therefore, if you come across unknown formats and variants, you can attempt to access them via this tool.
Other features
You can also activate the checksum and hash test, if applicable, to detect malware and malicious files in the archive you want to extract. Also, you can activate the wipe feature to delete the output folder and the program does the rest.
System requirements:
Windows operating system, Windows 7, 8, and