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A Desktop Utility to remotely access and administer (netboot) computers.
Keymacro can be used to:
– Resume running applications on remote computers (after the computer has been shutdown),
– Run applications on remote computers (without rebooting the remote computer),
– Remotely administer computers,
– Distribute and share files,
– Check for and repair remote computers.
Keymacro is part of the KMD (KeymacroManager Desktop) project, a client-server desktop that enables you to do many things with computers on the network, including remote administration, file sharing and application distribution.
– Deploy Keymacro client to each computer you wish to administer
– Run a specific batch file on all the computers you want
– Display the current network computers
– Restore remote computers that have been shut down
– Check for the existence of remote computers
– Search for computers on the network
– Reconnect computers that have gone offline
– Check, repair, administer and update software on remote computers
– Install, upgrade and uninstall software remotely on remote computers
– Shares files to other remote computers
– Check and repair network configuration
– View the user accounts on each remote computer
– Install, upgrade and uninstall software on the remote computers
– View and sort applications on each remote computer
– View, modify and edit the registry of remote computers
– View and sort programs on each remote computer
– Download and send files to remote computers
– Create, delete, edit and rename folders on remote computers
– Send remote computers to sleep
– Send remote computers to reboot
– Remotely manage remote computers
– Remotely manage local administrators on local computers
– Maintain remote accounts on remote computers
– Clone computers to new computers on the network
– Share the desktop
– Remotely modify the desktop on remote computers
– Install and update Windows software remotely on remote computers
– Install Windows software on remote computers
– Change computers to reflect a global modification
– Remotely modify computers using global options
– Send commands to remote computers
– Remotely log onto remote computers
– Remotely control remote computers
– Remotely log off remote computers
– Create and edit shortcut files on remote computers
– Remotely manage shortcuts on remote computers
– Remotely start, restart, suspend, hibernate, log off and turn off remote computers
– Remotely start, restart, suspend, hibernate, log off and turn off remote computers
– Remote 384a16bd22

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The Macrovlang Keyboard Macro generator is a tool for quickly creating macro functions.
If you’re a keyboard enthusiast or a role playing game player, you will love it.

KEYMACRO Keyboard macro generator is a powerful tool for creating sequences of up to 256 words at a time. It supports any language, as long as a character encoding exists for the words that you want to use, or your own written translation (you must have all those words saved in a text file).
What you can do with this tool?
You can make your own games, with different levels of difficulty, with all the time or events which you want.
Or you can invent your own playgroups, based on different rules or scenarios.
You can make your own board or table games, role playing games, dictionaries, maps, or video games.
You can program a computer with any language with words like FOR, IF, SWITCH, WHILE, LOOP, PRINT or something more specific.

A handy utility for creating personalized email signatures and sending them out via a simple email message or from an automated sign-in procedure in a web application.
It’s a great tool for creating personalized emails, employee signatures and a must-have for web applications.
More Info:
You can setup a regular text signature with any size or text editor, and you will be ready to have a fancy text signature that you can edit in real time with keywords and color codes.
It will also allow you to take your signature and set it as an automatic email signature, so you will have one signature for any application (webmail, email clients, email templates, etc.).

MPMusicPlayerController is an open source framework for creating music playback and streaming apps. It is a stand-alone framework (that can be used without a backend server or web service), and works great for Apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.
You can use it to control an audio file or a URL for playing, allowing you to use the iTunes, iPod, and other audio playback controls.
MPMusicPlayerController also provides many features, such as playing music and audio in the background, caching the audio data locally, supporting large files, and playing multiple tracks (a feature that is unavailable in the Apple frameworks).
Key Features:
It is not based on Core Audio or AVAudioPlayer, so it is fully portable

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