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DTMF Dial is a software application created to emit DTMF tones (including A, B, C and D) from the PC sound card.
It has push button, keyboard, clipboard paste and command line interface – with programmable memory, last 16 number redial and tool tray operation. Tone lengths, gaps, pauses and prefix can be easily configured.
By holding the microphone of a telephone handset to the speaker this makes for a very simple and easy auto-dialer.

Enable DTMF Auto Dialer
* Any DTMF button that is not pressed will not be played by DTMF Dialer *
* If DTMF Dialer is started, after first DTMF is played, it will ring the last number you dialed by default. *
* After each call, if the number was dialed, or
* If the last number you dialed was stored, DTMF Dialer will automatically dial the stored number or dial the last number again. *
* Playback speed can be adjusted in DTMF Dialer. *
* By default, the last digit dialed is always 2nd last number dialed. *
* To change this, simply change the value in the following screen. *
* To change the default, select the other answer and press the OK button. *
* If you do not want to use last number, it is a good idea to remove the DTMF Dialer from autostart list. *
* DTMF Dialer can also be moved to the toolbar of the taskbar, for easy access. *
* Press the “Tools” button to bring up the Task Bar, then drag and drop DTMF Dialer from the “All Programs” list to the Taskbar’s toolbar. *
* The standard option for the keyboard is to press the “0” key to start, “1” key to stop, “2” key to play back and “3” key to skip. *
* If you are using a Microphone, you can also select your microphone by pressing the “1” key and selecting from the menu. *
* Pressing “1” again, will enable your microphone for other application. *
* Pressing “0” again will disable the Microphone. *
* Pressing “R” to play redial will play the last number you dialed. *
* Pressing “S” to skip will skip all numbers on eea19f52d2

This is a quality and user-friendly sound card signal generator for Windows with a compact interface and a set of easy-to-use features.
The program’s available functions include sinusoids, triangles, saw tooth, unit impulses, unit steps, unit pulses, and musical scales with a sine and a triangular waveforms.
Additional functions include white noise, pink noise, and unit step for 8, 12, 16, and 24 bits.
In addition, a polyphony threshold, a resolution, frequency generator, and analysis are also provided, and the program can be launched directly from the boot.
The product’s instrumentation functions in a visual manner, with all the functions being included in a master panel located at the top-right corner of the window.
Furthermore, a graph shows the content of the instrument panel and you can choose from a list of available signals.
Furthermore, the program is equipped with a capture engine, which allows you to save the sound data to a file, record it, and even overlay the recorded file using the configuration box located at the left of the interface.
You can also set parameters, such as the sampling frequency, the output level, the DAW, the bit depth, the sample rate, the audio format, the time alignment, the polyphony threshold, and the analysis.
The dimensions are 6.48 MB, with the program being compatible with Win XP or newer versions, including Win 7.
The program’s quality is excellent, as you get high-quality sound card sound card signals for free.
Many other features are included in the package, with this program being a wonderful solution for those on a budget.
Download Virtins Sound Card Signal Generator

Ableton Live 9 has been released and will be available for purchase soon from launchpad. So if you are planning to get it or already have it, be sure to get it now. The product comes with many new features and improvements, including the User Manual at launch.
This program is all about making your music sound great on any system. It allows you to play and mix audio with 8 tracks at the same time, to render and mix audio, and to automate your mix.
You also get full control of MIDI instruments, MIDI automation, and a wide selection of effects. It is also compatible with all MIDI controllers.
Furthermore, the program is equipped with a wide set of plugins, with a total of over 100 of them included, with this allowing you