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Creating music is a beautiful and engaging activity that can become a lifelong passion and, hopefully, a stable source of income. But apart from the composition and choosing the instruments that you like, you must also know how to make them sound well together, which is easier said than done. Furthermore, any song you make will have to sound great on any pair of headphones or speakers, and if it’s going to make any money, then it should also be phonically aligned to the so-called “industry standards." All this is achieved through the process called mastering.
Now, don’t worry, because not too many musicians or producers know how to master their songs. But if you want to add that skill to your resume, then you should also know how to use the proper tools, and EQ3V is a piece of software that could help.
A no-nonsense EQ
Like all plugins from Mellowmuse, EQ3V is nothing fancy but proves itself an efficient tool that can get the job done. The plugin is inspired by hardware analog units and doesn’t come with a visual spectrum analyzer. This means that you either have to use an external spectrometer plugin or just rely on your ears, which is never a bad idea if they’re properly trained.
EQ3V is certainly not a plugin for beginners, despite the fact that any sound engineer will find it extremely easy to use due to its simple interface. This is a 7-band EQ, so it allows you to adjust frequencies with a lot of precision. Moreover, it comes with its own analog-modeled saturation, which is a very welcome addition during the mastering process.
Even though an EQ is not the only plugin you need during mastering, EQ3V is a powerful tool that you can add to your arsenal for a reasonable price. And while it doesn’t come with any visual aid or presets, it does make a noticeable difference to your sound as soon as you start turning those knobs.







EQ3V [Mac/Win]

To experience the whole process, you can use the free trial version, and you won’t be disappointed. Even if you just use it to test out your sound and don’t want to purchase the full version, the free version will be fine. The only thing to keep in mind is that, due to its low price tag, you won’t be able to save any files. Instead, you will have to start all over again after you close the trial version.

An alternative to EQ3V is to use Reverb3D, an app that comes with almost the same characteristics as EQ3V. But if you want to be able to save your sounds, then you’ll have to get Reverb3D Pro as an in-app purchase.

Producing a hit single or remixing a hit song could be one of the most gratifying experiences a musician will ever have. But while you are making that piece of music, you have to make sure that your sound remains good and isn’t distorted when you are playing it on a pair of headphones or speakers. And while mastering your track might not be the only time you use EQ, it certainly is a crucial step, as it lets you improve the quality of your song.

You need to know what to look for when you start using EQ

When you start using EQ, there is a lot to learn. After all, your first EQ will look quite random and you won’t be able to tell what effects it will produce. This is where EQ3V comes in handy.

Like all EQs, EQ3V is based on the frequency spectrum, so you will have to know what each band is supposed to do. If you are familiar with your sound, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble choosing the bands to use.

Like any tool that you use, it is important to know what each band is responsible for before you start tweaking. This means that you will have to know what frequencies make up your sound in the beginning. This is something that everyone can do as long as they have an acoustic knowledge.

When using EQ, there are two types of bands that you can use – high and low bands. Using the low bands will make your low frequencies more prominent while using the high bands will make your high frequencies more apparent.

Some bands have a ton of different settings available to them. And if you just start turning the knobs,

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Keymaster Automation as a studio quality MIDI controller made of wood and ABS plastic with an easily programmable mechanical keybed and USB interface.
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– Serial number and warranty information
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– Programmable D0 – D15 channels for special uses such as volume faders, etc.
– Velocity will only act on those keys that have keyboard motion
– Once programmed, can be easily changed with MIDI
– Each preset will be configured to use MIDI CC’s
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– If you try to use MIDI channel 10 for a preset it will default to preset 3
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* EQ3V creates new EQ presets.
* Adjusts frequency bands.
* Adjusts resonance of the selected frequency bands.
* Adjusts the smoothness of the selected frequency bands.
* Adjusts the amount of high, mid and low frequencies.
* Adjusts the resonance of the entire frequency range.
* Adjusts the dynamic of the entire frequency range.
* Adjusts the volume of the entire frequency range.
* Adjusts the gain of the entire frequency range.
* Adjusts the bass response.
* Adjusts the high frequency.
* Adjusts the low frequency.
* Adjusts the mids frequency.
* Adjusts the curve of the frequency response.
* Compresses and expands the selected frequency bands.
* Increases and decreases the gain of the selected frequency bands.
* Increase and decrease the bass response.
* Increase and decrease the high frequency.
* Increase and decrease the low frequency.
* Increase and decrease the mids frequency.
* Increase and decrease the curve of the frequency response.
* Increase and decrease the dynamic of the frequency response.
* Increase and decrease the volume of the frequency response.
* Reduce the level of the selected frequency bands.
* Select or deselect the selected frequency bands.
* Select the desired frequency range.
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This is a high quality, standalone, RTAS Version of the EQ3V plugin. The license allows the user to use the plugin for all non-commercial applications. There is no need to make a purchase of any other plugin to be able to use this plugin. The user will receive two patches: a mono patch and a stereo patch.
RTAS is a real-time audio synthesis and sampling plugin that comes with a huge assortment of effects, including extreme high/low, equalization and compression. It is a perfect tool for creating waveforms and/or tones from a single audio source. RTAS is also known for its extensive FX libraries that can be used as standalone effects, including stereo and multiband effects. RTAS comes with an intuitive workflow, with an impressive amount of routing, plug-in control and great documentation.
RTAS Description:
* Amazing Audio and Processing with Multi-Band EQ, Compression, Equalization and more!
* Amazing Performance: High-End Audio Engine with 3x Larger Buffer, 64-Bit, DSP with A-Class FX Engine, Over 10

What’s New In EQ3V?

EQ3V – An Equalizer which accepts input audio and analyzes it to give you an alternative view of the way your tracks sounds, as well as introducing equalization processing, affecting the dynamics of your audio. This plugin allows you to maximize your performances and protect your tracks from noise and interference. Supports hardware and software based interfaces, including a fast user interface designed for DJs, producers and engineers.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 64-bit, Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit
Core i5 2.0 GHz or equivalent
1 GB DirectX 9 compliant Video Card with 128 MB of dedicated video memory
Version 9.0
Broadband Internet connection
USB 2.0 port (if connecting to Nintendo Wii, PC or Wii U)