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Enable Viacam is a practical and reliable application designed as a mouse replacement utility that moves the cursor as you move your head via webcam.
Live feedback and intuitive set of controls
The working environment is composed of three components namely Main window, Click window and Task bar icon.
The main window of the application displays the image of the camera and provides access to all commands and configuration options
After you install the program, you are required to connect a standard webcam to your PC then configure it via the wizard that will appear automatically when you launch Enable Viacam.
First of all, in order to make sure that the utility works properly, you need to configure the motion tracking area. The user’s face must appear inside the blue rectangle to move the pointer.
Choose actions and configure hotkeys
The assisted calibration procedure will ask you to move your head left and right, up and down in order to configure the appropriate motion parameters. You can also notice that the red-lined square will move according to your head.
When the calibration settings are configured, the next step allows you to disable or enable the mouse motion in order to test the pointer speed and adjust the parameters manually.
The Click window that is displayed in the upper part of your screen allows you to choose one of the available mouse actions such as ‘Double Click’, ‘Drag’, ‘Right Click’, ‘Middle Click’, ‘Left Click’ or ‘No Click’. It’s also possible to assign hotkey commands to further enhance comfort.
Finally, the Task bar icon allows you to restore or minimize the main window of the application so you won’t get disturbed from your daily work.
A few last words
To wrap it up, Enable Viacam proves to be a practical solution that allows you to control your computer without using your hands. Simply connect the webcam to your PC, calibrate it to track your face motion and move the mouse pointer accordingly.







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It may seem a bit too simple but I am really amazed with the quality of the driver provided by this site for both linux and windows. In just a few seconds I was able to install Steam using the “Steam for Linux” application available here on the site, and everything just worked like a charm.

The best part is that it works flawlessly without errors and it even automatically started Steam without needing to go through any sort of setup.

In addition, it even includes the Linux executable, so I am able to play Counter Strike using the Steam client without having to install it on my HDD.

I tried to find answers to my questions before writing this review, but I couldn’t find any so I hope this will save you some time.

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor for Windows

Description: Filmora for Windows version is a professional video editor that has plenty of options. It is a Windows-based non-linear video editor. It is a video editing program that can be used by people with no knowledge of software.

Filmora Video Editor for Windows is an innovative video editing program for Windows that allows you to make your videos more interesting and engaging.

What is new in this version:

Support for Blackmagic Design’s encoder for the ProRes 4444 codec.

This update is compatible with Filmora 9 for Mac, Filmora iOS, and Filmora iPad.

If you are a member of the Filmora family, this update is available now.

Affected versions:

Filmora Video Editor for Windows and earlier versions

Other features:

Features include:

Over two hours of tutorials covering most of the video editor’s functionalities.

This software supports Windows Vista and Windows 7.

The Mac version was built from the ground up using Filmora for Mac 2.0.4.

I’ve been working for several years in an IT shop, this thing will answer some of the questions I always had and will simplify the process to a 100% professional and stable video editor, recommending it to anyone who is planning to use video editing on their PC.

Price: $29.99

What’s New in this version:

Full compatibility with Filmora 10 for Mac.

Added new “Eyedro

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The application will help you increase the overall uptime of your system. The utility will restart your system automatically when it detects that your PC has been idle for a while.

What you will get

A set of 120+ Newest and Ultimate Windows Antivirus

100% Free

100% Secured

Advanced, Light and Fast Antivirus Protection

Antivirus Complete Diagnostics

System Repair

System TuneUp

Wake Up On Broadcasts and Instant Updates

Newer, More Secure, Faster and Better than the rest!

Wake Up On Broadcasts and Instant Updates

In addition to giving you more time of doing other things, you may find that your computer becomes much more responsive, more responsive and there is less pause in between events on your computer.

Wake Up On Broadcasts and Instant Updates

Instant Updates

Use the Instant Updates feature to get the latest version of your security solution automatically whenever a security alert is issued by the antivirus product.

Even if the software is not free, you may experience that a full system scan can take up to 10 times as long as it should and other tools (such as system tuneup) may not update.

Updates automatically

Instant Updates

Automatically wakes up and downloads updates (your other programs may not)

What’s New in Latest Version?

WEB SECURITY PLUS In-depth Virus Protection 24/7 from the Web

More protection against Zero-day and unknown viruses.

Updated in the latest version of the program and detection of new viruses.

System TuneUp Tool Enhance your computer performance and enhances performance of running programs

Dynamically scans and optimizes system, memory and you drive

Adjusts and tune up your system speed or the entire system running at max performance

Takes a look at your hard drive and memory to make sure they are working well

Starts your computer with a maximum performance

It will repair your PC; fix errors, show drive and memory health.

Fixed an issue where the settings for startup applications would not be maintained even when the user

What’s New in Latest Version?

Added option to select the default application to open a file

Added option to restore the default application to open a file

What’s New in Latest Version?

What’s New in Latest Version?

What’s New in

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ABCDiver is a software application that was built using the Angular 2 framework.

ABCDiver is a software application that allows you to be automatically redirected to the same website that you opened on your last visit.

ABCDiver has a beautiful GUI and is capable of supporting multiple account types.

You can easily import a list of URLs/domains, search for them and then visit one of them when you are redirected to it.

ABCDiver uses its own URL Shortener to shorten the links of the redirect websites so that they fit the square shaped window created by the browser.

The resulting shorter link is always displayed to you in a separate tab.

When you find a link you want to visit you can click on it and the original link will be automatically visited without you having to do anything.

ABCDiver Description:

Skull Counter is a simple application that monitors the audio clip of a loaded YouTube video and counts the claps and boos.

After you select a YouTube video, and the mouse cursor is placed over the video player, the application will listen to that specific video, so you can count the claps and boos while you are watching any video.

You can enable a back button that will go back to the video player, so you can close the application and start playing another video when you are finished counting.

Skull Counter Features:

– Counting of the claps and boos without you having to press any key.
– Has a nice GUI that uses modern design principles.
– Skips the empty video scene.
– You can select the video clip to be listened to by pressing the CTRL key, shift or the arrow keys.
– You can open the video in a separate window.
– You can enable a back button that will go back to the video player.
– You can disable the back button that will open the video player in a separate window.
– You can rewind the video as long as there are no claps or boos.
– Can be used to play the video on a loop.

The application’s official website is here:

Skull Counter Demo Video:

This video demonstrates how to count the claps and boos in a video:

Note: The raw video is not included with the free version of Skull Counter, you will have to search and

What’s New In Enable Viacam?

Enhanced fluidity and accuracy – Increase the size of the click area and reduce the variance in pointer movement

Advanced tracking – Capture the exact position of your face and enlarge the tracking area for higher accuracy

User-friendly interface – Simple and intuitive, similar to the mouse

Key Features

Viacam supports the following webcam models:


Webcam Communicator


HID-04, HID-05, HID-06, HID-07, HID-10, HID-11


HID-31, HID-32, HID-33, HID-34, HID-35, HID-36, HID-37, HID-38, HID-39, HID-40, HID-41, HID-42, HID-43, HID-44, HID-45, HID-46, HID-47, HID-48, HID-49, HID-50, HID-51, HID-52, HID-53, HID-54, HID-55, HID-56, HID-57, HID-58, HID-59, HID-60, HID-61, HID-62, HID-63, HID-64, HID-65, HID-66, HID-67, HID-68, HID-69, HID-70, HID-71, HID-72, HID-73, HID-74, HID-75, HID-76, HID-77, HID-78, HID-79, HID-80, HID-81, HID-82, HID-83, HID-84, HID-85, HID-86, HID-87, HID-88, HID-89, HID-90, HID-91, HID-92, HID-93, HID-94, HID-95, HID-96, HID-97, HID-98, HID-99, HID-100, HID-101, HID-102, HID-103, HID-104


M-350, M-400, M-500, M-600


System Requirements For Enable Viacam:

Version History:
-MacOSX/macOS Sierra compatibility added
-Many bugfixes and improvements.
-Some more items added.
-Some source files moved around.
-Converted to Cocos Creator
-Added a Windows version of the main menu.
-Added a MacOSX Windows version of the main menu.
-Some items added to the main menu.
-Added the SoundCloud and Twitter integration.
-Added a pause/resume/play function in the main menu.