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Z3 Library not the same as from documentation

I have the following problem in a C++ program that uses the Z3 library:
The documentation of Z3 says there is a parameter called is_false that is true if the solver tries to find the falseness of the given formula. The following works as expected:
a = tzn_bool(0, i);
b = tzn_bool(1, i);
c = tzn_bool(0, i);
d = tzn_bool(1, i);
e = tzn_bool(true, i);
bool res = c->evaluate(a, b, c, d, e);

But if I try this:
tQuery q(solver, i);
a = tzn_bool(0, i);
b = tzn_bool(1, i);
c = tzn_bool(0, i);
d = tzn_bool(1, i);
e = tzn_bool(true, i);
res = q->contains_model(a, b, c, d, e);

The result is false. But if I use a variable of type tQuery instead, then Z3 returns true. Please note that I do not want to use QF_AU for this purpose.
So I think that the documentation can be incorrect.
Does anybody know how to get this parameter to work?


You are misunderstanding the distinction between a solver and a query. A solver can be used to generate a model, and you can query it to figure out if a given bit-vector is inconsistent.
A solver cannot be used to query itself, as would be needed here. You should use