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Merchants of the Caribbean is a simulation-strategy game.
Pirates and traders are battling for the sea trade. The conflict is ongoing, but one type of trade, the commercial one, looks to be the only one viable in the future.
Developers of the game is working on creating an immersive, interactive story line involving pirates, traders, and many other characters that will unfold alongside the player.
How to Play
At the start, you should select which colonization strategy you would like to use. After building some tools on your territory, some basic settlements and a ship, you can test your strategies and decide which one suits you best.
Your colonists are able to engage in a number of unique activities, such as market trading, naval battles, building construction, exploration and many others.
You can collect resources through a variety of ways. You can mine for raw materials, settle for farming and select your first fleet to raid for goods.
Starting your trading empire as a landlubber, you will need to learn fast.
Tons of upgrades and new items can help you in your quests.
Both pirate and trader can be dominant at any time – it’s completely up to you.
You will certainly find a lot of unique, entertaining scenarios.
Key Features
Merchants of the Caribbean:
– 3D realistic gameplay with original gamepad controls;
– Interactive adventure with more than 20 hours of gameplay;
– Play as Pirate or Trader;
– Continuously in development for more than 1 year and dozens of hours of original gameplay;
– Innovative economic, craft and military management system;
– Funny characters, interesting stories and a unique virtual world;
– Fast arcade gameplay with lots of challenges and tactics;
– High-quality of 3D graphics.

From the makers of your favourite games comes a brand new, free-to-play sidescroller! Join the zombie-slaying adventure as best boy Bill and keep your friends safe from the incoming onslaught of the crazy undead.
As Bill, you will need to brave the zombie hordes, traverse big levels and outwit the undead. As your friends make their way through the world, you need to find their scattered friends and guide them safely through the chaos.
The whole adventure is kept free from micro transactions and grinding through the same missions again and again.
Key Features:
– Bigger than ever, more than 100


Features Key:

  • Totally immersive 3D graphics powered by an advanced Direct X9 engine
  • A wide variety of weapons, including swords, throwing stars, and other deadly and amusing tools
  • Great character models and richly detailed environments
  • Fun game play that challenges even the most hardened adventurer
  • Multiple missions to discover
  • A total of 50 missions to complete, each requiring a different skill-set and style
  • Hundreds of items to collect, ranging from small treats to valuable items
  • Three character classes to choose from: Knight, Mage, and Berserker
  • The largest RPG ever released on the PC with over 1000 unique items (including weapons, armor, and magic objects)
  • A profound and intriguing storyline, with dialogue, dialogue, and more dialogue
  • Fully customizable environments, characters, and items
  • Satisfyingly challenging gameplay ranging from fast and hard to slow and easy
  • A variety of difficultly settings to play at: Novice (babies), Beginner, Normal, Casual and Hard
  • Other features: Inspiring picture display, achievements, blue screens, in-game help, time-control
  • Text-based adventure game
  • Independent quests
  • Gameshow
  • Collectable game items
  • Requires 20mb of hard disk space
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    Luna Sanctus Screenshots:

    Luna Sanctus1.5.3.024.jpg
    Luna Sanctus.png
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    Ultimate Cosmic Nebula is a “full” fantasy cosmic nebula theme. You can see the real world through nebula effect and into the deep space. You can control this real space with you mouse and use it as your 3d (computer) screen. This theme is designed as an experiment and a fantasy tool for the people of our generation.
    This is a free software,if you find it is helpful to you, please tell your friends and let them download the theme.
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    "The Sea of Marle. A land of turmoil and injustice, with pirates terrorizing the seas, every sailor in the world looking for a home. The very air, as stormy and turbulent as the sea. Anything can happen in this sea of trouble. Everything can change with one throw of the dice! It’s the wind of fortune, the wind of luck."Marle: The Pirate Capital – Five Buccaneers – Baloo And The Five Buccaneers
    "The Five Buccaneers are the best pirate crew you could ever meet. We sail in an open sea, open for anyone willing to join us in our battles against the many. The same deep sea that drowned The Flying Dutchman, or our homes on land, the Old States of Europe, but we have left them in our past, nothing to do with us. We are a new pirate crew, working for ourselves. And we’re having a good time doing it!"Q:

    PHP findLastIndex when in a loop

    I have the following loop:
    while($row = $db->fetch($id)) {
    //process $row and insert into DB

    //process the DB and store the results into an array

    $results = array();
    foreach ($data->getResults() as $d) {
    $results[] = $d;

    echo ‘Here:’;
    foreach ($data->getResults() as $d) {
    echo ”.$d->getText().”;
    echo ”;

    foreach($results as $r) {
    echo “”.findLastIndex($r->getText(), 1, strlen($r->getText())).””;

    When I run this, I get the first result fine, but it spits out this error at the end:
    Notice: Array to string conversion in C:xampphtdocsCVSsearch.php on line 19

    Where it looks like it’s searching for a string rather than the index of it in the array.
    As I’m sure I’m probably missing something simple, I’m having difficulty solving this.


    The first index


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    The Devil’s Dictionary


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    A Talent for Murder







    Hands and Other Faculties


    A Living Fossil





    The Poem as Artistic Object



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    Better way to over-ride _EIO=1 (21/05/2016) on Ubuntu16?

    I was working on an embedded project where I was totally happy to have the option of turning on internal debugging with _EIO=1. The only issue was, that it requires root privileges.
    Doing the pretty much same on Ubuntu16, it seems I was missing a more polite approach. Using echo is widely available, while sudo is not always…
    What is the most “neat” approach, of switching on internal debugging in Ubuntu16? Example pseudocode:



    System Requirements:

    OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    Processor: Intel Pentium III 1.3 GHz
    Memory: 1.3 GB RAM
    Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compliant video card with 256 MB of video memory
    DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher (32-bit operating system)
    Hard Drive: 3.0 GB available space
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX 9.0
    Additional Notes: The game requires a keyboard or game controller to play.


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