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The user creates a drawing by defining the objects (parts) to be included in a drawing, then by specifying the dimensions of the objects and connecting the objects by drawing lines or arcs. CAD operators use a pointing device such as a stylus to designate points, lines, or arcs.

With the introduction of color in 1992, AutoCAD gained support for the use of color on a permanent basis, with support for color being a major new feature.

AutoCAD makes it possible for users to perform the following functions:

Create a drawing by drawing basic objects and connecting them with lines.

Draw, edit, move, and delete objects.

View, annotate, and measure objects.

Define types of objects (e.g., 3-D, dimension, text, or picture), including named object types.

A wide range of powerful commands for editing objects, including operations such as rotate, mirror, transpose, mirror, and shrink, as well as a wide range of more specialized editing commands for general editing tasks.

Edit the properties of objects such as the color and linetype.

Draw geometric primitives such as arcs, circles, ellipses, lines, rectangles, triangles, and splines.

Draw and edit text, including text styles such as bullets, indentation, and text alignment.

Draw and edit pictures.

View and annotate 2D and 3D maps.

Add custom commands to achieve specialized application tasks, such as an order entry system for industrial engineering.

Edit, move, delete, and rearrange objects.

Read and modify DXF files from portable devices.

Perform advanced drawing functions.

Do even more advanced drawing tasks, such as create surface or solid models.

Develop and modify a model.

Develop and edit application screens.

Review and correct drawing processes.

Create and modify diagrams, schedules, and reports.

Calculate quantities and perform conversion functions.

Synchronize, validate, and verify drawings.

Obtain and display 3-D data.

Extend and distribute applications.

Develop and test a drawing database.

Obtain and manage drawings and drawings databases.

Edit and view XREF files.

Obtain and edit electronic data interchange (EDI) data.

Perform 2-D and 3-D analytical functions

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Drawings in MS Office 2007 and later can be saved in DXF format, using the “Drawings” folder. In AutoCAD Cracked Version 2015, drawings were introduced into the “Drawings” and “Drawings Xref” folders.

If the software is run on a computer running the Windows operating system, the user can access the extensions using the Explorer or Windows Search methods. To be able to run the programs, AutoCAD files must be compatible with the software. The program will refuse to install a file that has not been correctly prepared or the program is unable to load, but will still display a message at the bottom of the screen telling the user that the file has not been recognized.

AutoCAD documentation is available at the Autodesk official web site.

Autodesk 360 cloud services
Autodesk’s online cloud services provided through Autodesk 360 integrate a number of proprietary and open source 3D CAD file formats with cloud services in cloud computing. It is a web-based system that enables 3D models to be shared and viewed in real-time, accessed from mobile devices, and accessed using web browsers, as well as from desktop applications. AutoCAD, Dynamo, and Natron are supported.


Autodesk AutoCAD was originally called “AutoCAD”, and is historically referred to by its former name or abbreviation.

AutoCAD was originally introduced as a suite of products in 1985 and marketed as the “AutoCAD System”. The AutoCAD System was originally composed of the AutoCAD Drawing Software, the AutoCAD Feature Analyzer and the AutoCAD Information Manager. It was created by CADS Systems. In 1985, CADS Systems was acquired by CadTech, a spin-off of The National Center for Supercomputing Applications. The CADS team moved from Racine to Milwaukee and continued to develop AutoCAD. In 1989, CADS was purchased by Autodesk, which continued to develop and market the AutoCAD Product Line.

As the market for CAD software expanded, CADS developed AutoCAD LT. Although it was a similar product, the license to use it was different from AutoCAD. The CADS team continued to develop AutoCAD until 1993, when it was sold to Autodesk. CADS, which remained as a wholly owned subsidiary of Autodesk, created AutoCAD 2000 and then AutoCAD LT.

With the introduction of

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What’s New in the?

Export assist:

Create a new 2D object based on an imported shape, then trace the outline of the new object directly in the new 3D view. Assign attributes to an existing object and export it to a shape file. (video: 1:35 min.)

Contact sheet:

Use contacts to generate 2D images or pages for 3D drawings. Automatically create a new layer for new contacts (video: 1:29 min.)


Filter the components of the drawing window to enable or disable some or all of the components (video: 3:13 min.)

Standard Axis of Drawings

AutoCAD 2023 supports the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Standard ISO 3864:2019. This standard describes how to draw a variety of standard components of which to a plan view including a perspective view.

3D views are based on the same 3D datum as plan views (standards): +Y, −Y, +Z and −Z planes. These standards define a +Z coordinate as upward, or positive, from a reference plane.

This also applies to the non-plan views: +X, +Y, and −X.

Standards specify that 3D views for the +X, +Y, and −X coordinates are perpendicular to the +Z coordinate.

As with plan views, standards specify that the +Z axis is perpendicular to the X-Y plane in all 3D views.

In AutoCAD® 2017 Release 18, it was also specified that the +Z axis is perpendicular to the X-Y plane for a specific coordinate view in the UCS.

In AutoCAD® 2020 Release 14, it was specified that the +Z axis is perpendicular to the X-Y plane for all 3D views in the UCS.

In AutoCAD® 2023 Release 19, it was specified that the +Z axis is perpendicular to the X-Y plane for all 3D views in the UCS.

Standards and Automation

When used together with Dynamic Input Validation (DXI), standards-based input will:

Be constrained to the coordinate system and UCS where the current command was invoked from

Avoid the use of any commands and objects that are not in the coordinate system and UCS

Resolve the standards-based inputs into the correct coordinate system and UCS

Some commands, such as On Active View

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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