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AutoCAD is used by designers, engineers, and draftsmen of products, from architects and builders to model makers, manufacturing operators and product designers. It is also used by designers in other industries, such as construction, health care, and pharmaceuticals.

How AutoCAD is Used

Designers use AutoCAD for creating drawings that visualize designs. These are used in 3D modeling and computer-aided design to make plans and create 3D renderings of structures. They are used for creating technical drawings, including electrical and plumbing schematics.

Draftsmen use AutoCAD for creating 2D drawings. These can include architectural plans, architectural drawings, blueprints, and technical drawings, for example, schematics and design drawings for machinery.

AutoCAD is used for generating 2D drawings of building models, such as architectural or engineering models. Architects and engineers use AutoCAD to create drawings of homes or commercial buildings before constructing them. AutoCAD is also used in 3D modelling of building models.

AutoCAD is used by model builders for making models of houses, bridges, and skyscrapers, as well as architectural models of interior spaces. Model builders can also create 3D models of cars, ships, and planes. AutoCAD is also used in technical drawing of products, for example to make plans or sections of machines.

Diversity of AutoCAD Users

AutoCAD is a widely used application in a number of different industries. It is used in many areas of engineering, architecture, and construction. In fact, more than 65% of AutoCAD users are in construction. About 90% of AutoCAD users work in the area of engineering and design.

AutoCAD is used in manufacturing and by people working in a wide range of fields, including fields such as automotive, electrical, and computer engineering, civil engineering, building and construction, architecture, health care, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing. Some of the fields AutoCAD is used in are as follows:

AutoCAD is also used in product design.

Users from Architects to Real Estate Agents

AutoCAD is used by architects, builders, engineers, and contractors. Architects use AutoCAD for creating drawings of building models, floorsplans, and elevations, as well as 3D models of home or commercial buildings. They use these for developing blueprints, which are used by

AutoCAD 20.1

Previously to AutoLISP (Interactive Extension Language) based plugins for AutoCAD.

ObjectARX was based on ObjectARX object oriented programming (OOP) framework. ObjectARX uses a small subset of ObjectARX.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drawing import:

Accelerate the import and manipulation of large drawings to make it more efficient and productive. Create custom options for importing large drawings, including the ability to set the limit on the number of pages to import. (video: 9:20 min.)

Solid Edge and Enterprise customers can use the new Drawing management tools for better control of drawings in Solid Edge, and the ability to create and manage copies and author revisions for drawings in Enterprise. (video: 5:00 min.)

AutoCAD Cloud is now available for CAD and data users. Users can now access AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and other CAD applications on any Windows or Mac platform, including AutoCAD’s cloud app.

Report Lab now offers guided data migration that can move the entire data set from one platform to another, including from a Microsoft SQL Server database to PostgreSQL, with an end-to-end audit trail.

The native 3D modeling tool in AutoCAD now supports the latest in 3D data models. AutoCAD can now be used for the modeling of:

Architectural models

Industrial parts and equipment

Vehicles and other 3D models

Multibody dynamics simulations

Add in support for collaborative 3D drafting and design, with new tools for viewing, rotating, moving, scaling, and zooming 3D models on shared files with others.

Various new functions:

CAD apps:

Use the new design-enabled apps from AnyCAD, a new development of AutoCAD by Vectorworks.

The new reporting and analytics app, AnyDesk, gives users a way to see information and data from apps, like design data from the Navigator or project tracking from the Logbook.

AnyCAD and AnyDesktop are available in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. More information about these AnyCAD apps can be found at the AnyCAD website.


Share files with others in real time. The ability to collaborate and discuss work with others, whether on the desktop or in a web browser.

The new Navigator View 3D Web App is a new interface that gives users a way to view and edit 3D models on the web in the same way they can with AutoCAD. This allows users to access 3D models in the same way they would

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

HDCP Protected
Windows 7 and later
DirectX 9 Compatible
System Requirements:
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