Display all current databases from your computer in a single window.
Create new databases and save them for later use.
Browse existing databases and choose the one to add.
Modify, import, export and copy databases.
Show or hide individual fields or records.
Open multiple files for editing at the same time.
Search fields for database entries in the database.
Run SQL queries with line-by-line output.
Easy to use with many options for a great database manager.

FILEMANAGER Description:

Easy to use file manager that supports large database files, making it suitable for a wide range of tasks. View, move and delete database files in any drive or directory structure, edit their contents or create new databases from any file. Supports Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
1. Full support for vDBs
2. A new look for the File Explorer with a focus on performance and simplicity
3. Improved performance with new optional memory caching.
4. New Advanced Search feature
5. Full support for WinRAR 7.0.0 or higher (requires [url removed, login to view])
6. New “Remove from Recycle Bin” option to safely remove files from the Recycle Bin
7. New “Open Bin Folder” option to open the Recycle Bin folder
8. New “Save Bin As” option to save files in the Recycle Bin with a different file name
9. New “Refresh Bin” option to refresh the Recycle Bin
10. Various bug fixes and improvements

SELECTFILE Description:

SELECTFILE is a database file manager that is able to read, create and modify database files. This tool is recommended for people who need to have a fast and simple way of retrieving information about a database. SELECTFILE supports both the Oracle and SQL Server database file formats and you can also view and modify SQLite databases, if you have a special version of SELECTFILE for these files.
SELECTFILE manages databases in the following ways:
– Create databases
– Open databases
– View and modify tables
– Add, delete and move records
– View database file properties
SELECTFILE is a very easy-to-use tool and you only need to click a few buttons to perform all actions. It is a simple yet powerful database file manager tool that is optimized for speed and simplicity.


This program supports Microsoft Access databases and 384a16bd22

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This simple macro recorder records and plays back an assortment of keyboard macros. With it, you can easily record the keystrokes you perform when doing everyday tasks and quickly play them back. You can record macros even while another application is active and you can play it back again later when you need to. You can also use Key Macro to record macros with other applications as well.
Key Macro is very versatile and can record any keyboard keystroke you type. Also, you can record any windows or commands (even mouse actions) by right-clicking them and selecting ‘Copy to Macros’.
The macro recorder works as follows:
– On startup, Key Macro starts off in the ‘Record’ mode. You can either activate the recorder directly by clicking on the application’s icon, or by choosing the ‘Record mode’ from the main menu (Note that if you do not activate the recorder on startup, the recorder is deactivated when you close the application).
– You can record any keystrokes and drag them from the keyboard to the recorder.
– After you record the keyboard action you want, you can activate the ‘Play’ mode. Now, just press the ‘Record’ button and play your macros. You can use ‘Recording shortcuts’ and ‘Play shortcuts’ buttons to switch between the two modes.
– You can choose to perform a recording shortcut by either double-clicking on a keyboard icon or right-clicking on it and selecting the ‘Record shortcut’ from the popup menu.
– You can also copy any window or command (even mouse actions) and choose to record it by right-clicking on it and selecting the ‘Copy to Macros’ from the popup menu.
Key Macro allows you to record macros even while another application is active. To begin recording, first choose the window or command you want to record from the main menu and then click on the ‘Record’ button. Now, the keyboard actions you have selected will be recorded and copied to the application’s macro history. You can switch between the ‘Record’ and ‘Play’ modes to edit the macros.
Key Macro offers two main advantages over other macro recording tools:
– It records any keyboard shortcut you type, not just keyboard shortcuts that are associated with keyboard icons or certain application buttons. For example, if you start any media player, any action you perform on the keyboard is captured by Key Macro. This feature allows you to control your multimedia player and work with it even when it is playing or paused.