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In the bleak future of 2063, the Federal Ducks of America have placed you in charge of an elite team of sky-pirates who defend Earth from the threat of never-ending alien invasions.
Your mission: guide and launch sky pirate raids against UFOs, fend off aliens by blasting them with your missiles, and capture bread crumbs by your teams (bobble-like aliens) so they can head home.
Homeward Duck Features:
-Smooth 3D game play
-Simple, intuitive control system — use your 360 controller to interact with the world
-Light-hearted alien, duck, and fox characters
-Collectible stars for in-game achievements
-3D sky environments with procedurally generated galaxies, stars, planets, and spaceships
-Real-time damage to your ships
-Multiple ships, multiple enemies, and multiple planets (each enemy is attacking a planet)
-Layered story campaign
-Play the full game in under 6 minutes!
-It’s 2063 — can you rescue Earth?
System Requirements:
GamePlayVR * Windows 7 or later: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or better, ATI Radeon HD 4000 or better, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible, Windows 7 SP1 or later
GamePlayVR * Windows 8.1 or later: Intel Core i3 or better, ATI Radeon HD 5000 or better, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible, Windows 8.1
GamePlayVR * Mac OS X Lion or newer: Intel Core i3 or better, ATI Radeon HD 5000 or better, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible, Mac OS X 10.9 or later
GamePlayVR * OpenGL 4.2 compatible: Intel HD 4000 or better, AMD HD 6xxx series or better, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible, OpenGL 4.2 or higher
GamePlayVR * Linux: Intel HD 4000 or better, Virtual Reality Headset Compatible, OpenGL 4.2 or higher
* Not all of our experiences will work on all devices, so we recommend trying out one of our experiences on a supported device before purchasing.





Adabana Odd Tales Features Key:

  • Brand-new solo campaign set just after the events of In the Darkness…
  • New Level-up system to power-up your characters!
  • New Underdog Boss Battles!
  • Two new enemies!
  • New playable Characters!
  • New Defeating Undead Superpowers!
  • Two new special event dungeons!
  • 30 Days of Kingdom of Despair offers you the chance to compete with one of the most famous Final Fantasy VIII Challenges online along with over 55,000 other players!

    As Final Fantasy VIII’s “Last Separatist” Sephiroth has returned from his seemingly endless slumber to threaten the world of Spira once more. As a boy named Zack on his 15th year of life, and a trained Zanark, it’s up to you to stop his tyranny once and for all.

    This is a character-building adventure for the entire party with exciting new stories from each of the characters. If you have as much love for Zack and Serah as I do, then be sure to spend your time here serving the people of Spira. We still need more volunteers!

    You must become the Last Rebel – the fearless leader of Sephiroth’s army to restore the Sanctuary and by your effort, ensure the survival of the souls of Sephiroth and Raditsa.

    This is your last chance to experience the Kingdom of Despair and change the fate of Spira!

    * An industry first for Xbox 360!

    The Best Fantasy Ever!

    Echoes of the Past: Kingdom of Despair Collector’s Edition includes:

    • Final Fantasy VIII: The Complete Collection
    • New Solo Campaign
    • New Level-up System
    • New Underdog Bosses
    • New Playable Characters
    • New Playable Characters
    • New Speech
    • New Weapon Set

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      Primavera de Fier is a girls game, but really, it’s a girls game for people who don’t like girls games. It’s like a bard’s tale, a fairy-tale without the fairies, a story of a kid killing spiders, a boy and a girl having a relationship, and a series of horrible events leading to both of them walking off a cliff. Oh, and there’s also half a dozen other weird supernatural events in this one little town.

      Primavera de Fier is a very weird game that has the added weirdness of being from Spain, and it’s sort of representative of the Spanish Weird Game movement. It’s a very dark, surreal, and occasionally hilarious game where “survival” is never a fun thing to do, and each playthrough begins from a very different place.

      Weird Game, or “weirdo game”, is basically a term describing a small group of games that weren’t intended for a broad market. They’re the same kind of games you’d find at someone’s Halloween party, or as a Secret Santa gift, or a host to a LAN party where nobody has played any of the games before and the mood could go from positive to extremely negative within the span of a couple hours. The games usually have no end goal or progression, and they’re often violent, or lewd, or end up having all these supernatural or outlandish things in them. They’re kind of like deliberately broken games; most of them were created by one person, and take considerable effort to play.

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      The purpose of weird games is similar, but the weirdness is totally unintentional. On the main page of, there is a list of games that are more or less one person’s idea


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      What’s new in Adabana Odd Tales:

        New California Trilogy

        Scenes from a Revolution

        A Fan’s Notes

        Welcome to my first ever write-up on a fan project. The one that got the most attention was also the one I spent the most time developing. I knew right away when I started writing that if I was going to write something close to the quality of Exile: Falkreath I would have to start a second trilogy and get that out of the way before starting something new. I have spoken to a number of people regarding that prior obsession, but the project itself has a huge number of fans who have spoken eloquently of their support and excitement.

        It would be great to have the experience of writing a massive fan project by myself, with the achievement of trying something I would be proud of, leading to more fanwork in the future. To my knowledge it’s the first fan project to be done in 4K


        At the beginning of this story you will find two factions who are in a war over a piece of land. They are currently at each other’s throats but it’s something they can’t agree on. It might seem like a very easy matter to work out and but in reality, this is where I researched most of what I wrote. The answer didn’t become obvious until I was near the end of the work. I spent the first third introducing the factions and there’s a flashback in the last third to show how they came to be enemies. Don’t forget there’s also worlds in between the two strongholds and those are the setting for the first third.



        HOA is a malevolent but strange being. His arrival to Stonefield started an extinction event and HOA is well on his way to destroying the planet again.

        HOA as shown in this image is based on the Lovecraftian Monster Cthulhu. His physical appearance differs from Lovecraft’s version. He is a bizarre hexagonal human, with ovate bones that give the impression of a groove between each vertebra of his spine. His eye sockets are sunken, yet the shape of their eye-sockets matches closely with the appearance of flesh attached to a skull. This seeming flesh only grows deep to a single layer of bone to provide HOA with a carapace covered skin. The appearance of HOA as shown in this model seems to be used to horrify those who see it.

        HOA is really crazy. It can teleport itself across


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        Play as a professional detective to solve challenging crime cases.
        You must find a mysterious object that was left behind by a criminal before time runs out.
        The object has many functional elements and detailed drawings, which makes it very difficult to locate the correct object.
        Your job is to use your brain power to solve the mystery and find the right object before time expires.
        You have very little time to find the object. Good luck!.
        – Explore a network of objects
        – Clear every case in 3 different modes (Easy, Normal, Hard)
        – Improve your brain power by discovering hidden objects
        – This game supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
        – The game contains 400 item icons
        – Easy navigation and touch controls
        – In-app purchase is for game upgrades only
        Let’s check out the screen shot, as shown below:
        We are sure you will have a great time playing this amazing game.
        Please rate, review and tell us about the game!

        About This Game:
        Classic turn-based strategy game with a new twist!
        Classic Battle Saga 2: The Red Claws, is a new 3D turn-based strategy game.
        In this sequel to the classic game, you must master your very own army of legendary heroes and command them to combat the enemy’s army.
        Your army includes a wide variety of heroes from across the world, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your job is to come up with a strategic plan and decide which of your heroes to use.
        Many heroes can battle alongside each other in the same strategy, creating an army of varying capabilities. And unlike in the original game, the same units can be used in battle again and again to gain experience to make them more powerful.
        By performing individual tactical maneuvers with your hero, you will be able to lead your army to victory.
        Key Features:
        * All the characters are unique and fully voiced.
        * Over 60 heroes to control and battle alongside.
        * “Turn Card” battle mode.
        * Battle your enemies in multi-character battles.
        * The Fog of War mechanic introduces a new level of tactical action.
        * Strategic battlefield improvements.
        “Classic Battle Saga 2 is a beautiful game with a unique concept. You can only play the game for a limited time, but you can be sure of the quality.” (App Store)

        Are you ready to test your eyes with Hidden Objects – Adventure, your seek and find skills will be challenged like never


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      System Requirements For Adabana Odd Tales:

      Intel Mac or equivalent OSX system
      Minimum 2 GB of RAM
      800 MB disk space
      Graphics: 2 GB of VRAM
      Note: Graphics performance may vary on your machine based on what video card you have installed.
      Vulkan API Setup:
      Now, to make sure we have everything setup correctly, we’ll change into a Linux system to make a couple of commands to set up Vulkan. This process can take a while, so be patient. Note: This tutorial assumes you are using Steam, which is why we are using the Steam